So You Want to Boycott Israel? Here’s A List of Products and Services You Need to Start With…

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From Communism Kills:

So you want to boycott Israel?

So your organization has decided to boycott all products and services from Israel. Here is a list of activities that you now need to perform in order to comply with this boycott.

Part One – Technology and Food

First, remove all Intel Pentium and Celeron computer processor chips from personal computers (desktops, laptops and notebooks) as these were either developed or manufactured in Israel.

Note that the revolutionary new Ivy Bridge processor will be manufactured in Israel. Any computers running the Windows XT operating system must be turned off immediately as this was developed in Israel. All current Microsoft operating systems are not to be used as Microsoft is heavily reliant on its Israel R&D centre.

Step 2. Any computers that still work need to have their anti-virus software and personal firewalls removed as this technology originated in Israel. The organisation’s firewall will also need to be switched off. Staff should no longer open external emails as most of these will be infected with viruses. No outgoing emails can be sent. The algorithm (code) that’s used today for sending e-mails, was made by an Israeli who worked at the Ben-Gurion University in Be’er-Sheva in 1980.

Step 3. Discard all mobile phones, as this technology was developed in Israel, where the first mobile phones were manufactured. Mobile chip technology from a single Israeli company has now been installed in over 100 million devices. Only top-level staff may retain mobile phones for emergency situations. However the use of SMS (Texting) is expressly forbidden as this facility was developed in Israel. No 4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli.

Step 4. Turn off your voice-mail service and delete any recorded messages. Israeli companies invented the voice-mail system. If someone you do not know answers your phone-call, then hang up. Israeli call-centres and call-centre technology is in widespread operation in the UK.

Step 5. Before accepting any printed material, check that the supplier has not used the Israeli device that might have saved up to 50% of the ink used.

Step 6. At home, do not use Facebook as many in-built and add-on applications are Israeli-developed. Do not watch videos on the Internet as the platform used to upload them may be from AOL and hence from an Israeli company. Do not use the Internet to search for answers to your questions as this may involve use of an Israeli-developed search engine. Better to remain unenlightened.

Step 7. On your TV or home entertainment centre, do not use Video On Demand (VOD) to watch movies as you may inadvertently see an advert displayed using Israeli software. Do not purchase any games devices as these are likely to use Israeli technology.

Step 8. Do not read books using an e-book as this may contain Israeli technology. Do not use data storage as it may have been developed at Israel’s storage technology R&D center.

Step 9. Do not buy an electric car as it is likely to be powered with an Israeli battery or use Israeli developed charging mats. Continue to sit in traffic knowing that you are polluting the environment and financing oil-rich despotic regimes.

Turning to food and drink, all food outlets on the organisation’s premises must dispose of cherry tomatoes, which were developed in Israel. Staff must ensure that no cherry tomatoes are included in sandwiches brought into office premises. The ban also applies to honey and any products derived from honey. Israel has developed solutions to the worldwide problem of bee-colony collapse, so that any products derived from bees might only be available now due to an Israeli invention.

Avoid drinking any of the world-recognised award-winning Israeli wines. Do not consume homemade drinks from Israeli-manufactured household drinks machines.

Avoid any fruit from South Africa or Peru as produce from these countries is being marketed with Israeli brand names.

No agricultural products from the following areas must be consumed as they use water irrigation and agricultural technology provided directly from Israel. This includes most of Africa, China, India, Indonesia (a Muslim country), Nepal and many others.

Much fruit and vegetables (including organic) imported into the UK has been enhanced using Israeli technology. This may save millions of people from starving around the world, but is not a good reason for you to eat it. To be safe, only eat fruit and vegetables that you have grown yourself using seeds that have been in your family for generations.

Part Two – Staff Health.

Destroy all personal medication. Israel’s Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest generic drugs company in the world, will have manufactured many of your medicines.  Staff with the following illnesses will need to take specific precautions.

Cancer – do not take any form of medication or treatment. Israeli scientists have been working at the forefront of oncology for decades.

AIDS and HIV – beware; researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute or Hebrew University developed or improved AZT and Hypericin-based drugs; they have also developed a treatment that destroys HIV-infected cells without damaging healthy ones.

Diabetes – do not measure or inject Insulin using the devices developed by Israeli scientists.

Multiple Sclerosis – stop taking Copaxone, one of the most efficient medicines and the only non-interferon agent, as Teva developed it.  Don’t touch Laquinimod either.

Parkinson’s – remove the Israel-pioneered brain pacemaker to stop tremors. Discontinue Levodopa, which reduces motor disturbances. Cease sessions that involve magnetic cortex stimulation.

Staff with a family history of heart disease and arteriosclerosis must not use the Israeli device for early detection of these.  Rather, wait until onset of the disease.

Epileptics – stop treatment that may have benefited from the Israeli discovery of the underlying mutant gene; also throw away the bracelet that sends out an alert when a person goes into seizure.

Staff or relatives with Age-related Macular Degeneration – remove Israeli implants that arrest the disease.

Liver disease – abandon Israeli-developed antibody immunotherapy treatments.

Emphysema – steer clear of the Israeli protein replacement therapy.

Myeloma – stop taking the drug Velcade, which was developed over a period of 30 years by scientists at Haifa.

Sleep apnea – no tests using the breakthrough Israeli device for diagnosis.

Dyslexics must not benefit from the Israeli Internet-based reading system.

Skin allergies must be treated with steroid creams only, as the new safer non-steroid alternative is Israeli.

Any incident of stroke or head trauma or onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, epilepsy, glaucoma or brain tumor must avoid using any of the Weizmann Institute’s patented methods of treatment.

Before any surgery or medical tests, check that hospital catheters have not been protected from infection using the new plastic from Israel that disables microorganisms. Avoid throat surgery as this may utilize Israeli surgical lasers.

Ensure any colonoscopy or gastro investigation does not use internal Israeli cameras such as the Pillcam.  Never undergo surgery to install an artificial heart, as the first artificial heart transplant took place in Israel.

Kidney transplant patients must wait for donors of the same blood group as only Israel’s revolutionary new methods allow donors from other blood groups.  Staff of Arab origin must not make use of the only database for matching potential Arab donors of bone-marrow – in Israel.

In the event of a spinal injury or disease, do not accept spinal implants – likely to be an Israeli product or development. Heart rhythm problems must not be solved with the Israeli-developed heart pulse generator. All heart stents are off-limits as most of these originate from Israeli medical companies.

Check all vaccines as many of these have been developed in Israel.  Ensure that all X-rays do carry a radiation risk, as the only radiation-free system is Israeli.  Treatments derived from Stem Cell research must be avoided as most of these are Israeli-developed.

If you or your family are struck with a bacterial infection, do not take alternatives to older, ineffective bacteria-resistant antibiotics, as an Israeli discovery will have been responsible for the modern, effective drugs. Check that any pain relief medication is not based on soya as an Israeli doctor discovered the beneficial effect of the soya bean.

Do not use the revolutionary new Israeli bandage that saved the life of Arizona senator Gabriella Giffords after she was shot in the head.  If you break a bone badly, reject any treatment that involves introducing collagen, as this may have been manufactured from Israeli plants.

Do not protect babies and infants from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome with the Babysense system from Israel.

Do not use Epilady (or epilator) – two Israelis invented this hair removal device.

Finally, reject all major dental treatment, as your teeth may need to be scanned with an Israeli-developed dental scanner.

Part Three – Dealing with People.

When interviewing prospective new staff or holding meetings with members of the public or with individuals from other companies, it is vital that you check whether they originate from, or are associated with the following countries and areas. You must ensure that you do not have any contact with people who have benefited from Israel’s aid to those countries. The organization must avoid any possible acknowledgment of Israel’s contribution to world relief.   In addition, you must obtain a formal statement from the government of these countries that Israeli aid was not responsible for the production or development of any goods and services supplied to the organization.

These locations include:

Japan (As well as rescue teams, Israel supplied Geiger counters and Israeli thermal imaging cameras are monitoring the reactor cores – Mar 2011)

Ghana (has been receiving technological aid from Israel since 2006; Israel is now providing neonatal units to save many of the 4,800 babies that die each year – Mar 2011)

New Zealand (Israel sent several rescue teams, temporary shelters and water purification systems following the Christchurch earthquake in Feb 2011)

Chile, whose rescued miners were treated to a tour of Israel as part of their “Pilgrimage of Thanks” (Feb 2011)

Vietnam, whose milk industry is being totally transformed using high-yield Israeli cows (Feb 2011)

Uganda (Israeli solar-powered refrigerators were provided to store v1accines used to eliminate an outbreak of Polio from the country in Jan 2011)

Kenya (Israel’s Agency for International Development built a state-of-the-art Emergency Room in a hospital serving 6 million Kenyans in Jan 2011)

The Maldives (although non-Islamic worship is banned here, Israeli eye-doctors performed free operations for citizens in Dec 2010)

Philippines (signed major trade agreement with Israel in Nov 2010)

Romania (Israeli doctors treated babies following fire at a neonatal unit – Sep 2010)

Cameroon (Ophthalmologists from Haifa restored vision to patients and trained local medical teams in these procedures – Aug 2010)

The Congo (Israel were the first burn specialists on the scene following the oil tanker fire disaster in July 2010)

Angola (mines cleared by Israeli technology – July 2010)

Mississippi (bio-remediation technique used to clean up after oil spills was developed in Israel)

China (a major purchaser of Israeli technology, and recipient of medical aid and training)

South Africa (Israelis trained their doctors to perform circumcisions to prevent the spread of AIDS – July 2010)

Haiti (Israel set-up the largest field hospital to treat victims of the 2010 earthquake, the hurricane and the cholera outbreaks and provided vital assistance for over a year)

Sri Lanka (Israel conducted a massive airlift with food, 50 medical staff and rescue teams only 48 hours after the Tsunami in Dec 2004)

India (Israel sent an fully-equipped field hospital following Gujarat earthquake in Feb 2001)

El Salvador (Israel relief aid following earthquake in 2001)

Georgia (Israel contributed food and seeds for farmers following severe drought in 2001)

Turkey (Israel relief aid following earthquake in 2000)

Mozambique ((Israel  relief aid following floods in 2000)

Colombia (Israel sent medical aid and food following earthquake in 1999)

Venezuela (President Chavez has forgotten Israel’s aid following floods of 1999)

Central America (Israel sent emergency medical aid teams and equipment to help victims of Hurricane Mitch in 1998)

Pakistan (2005) and Peru (2007) both accepted aid from Israeli NGOs following earthquake disasters.

Peru’s hydro-electric power plants are also being built and run by an Israeli company.

Rawanda, Mexico, Chad, Sudan (Darfur) and Malawi all have received humanitarian aid from Israel, including medical assistance from Israel’s NGO IsraAID.

Always remember that the boycott extends to any individuals from the above regions that have been exposed to Israeli assistance during the 63 years existence of the current Jewish State.

Part Four – Other Impacts.

-Reject all products from the USA. Analysis conducted in a typical US state shows that Israeli innovations were responsible for $2.4 billion in direct revenue to that state’s economy in 2009 and generated nearly 6,000 jobs.

-Do not tutor your children in advanced Mathematics techniques, which may have originated in Israel. Also, if these techniques are used in your children’s schools, withdraw your children immediately.

-Keen ornithologists should consider giving up their hobby as many rare species stop off or reside in Israel during their twice-yearly migration.
-Do not watch the new series of NCIS as one of the actresses is Israeli.

-Avoid going to any football matches featuring teams with Israeli players.

-Destroy all your recordings of Madonna, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Deep Purple, Bon Jovie, Justin Bieber, George Benson, Moby and many, many more artists who have ridiculed the illogical boycott and have proudly performed (or will shortly perform) concerts in Israel.

-Destroy any recordings of U2, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Beck, Rihanna Coldplay and any artist whose music has been recorded using the sound technology of the Grammy Award winning Israeli company Wave Audio. You also must get rid of any personal copies of Shrek, American Beauty and Star Wars. Do not trust anything recorded by Sony, JVC, Toshiba or Dell.

-Don’t go to see The Black Swan with Natalie Portman, or watch any old films with Elizabeth Taylor – both lovers of the Jewish State.

-Do not stay in hotels or visit shopping centers owned by Israeli companies (sorry, you will need to check which ones yourself).

-Do not have anything to do with the banks who are using Israeli software to prevent fraud.

-Do not use any credit or debit card as the Security monitoring system used by the credit card companies is likely to be Israeli.

-Do not buy an engagement ring containing a diamond as it is possible that this may have been cut in Israel.

-Do not travel by air, as your plane might get towed by the Israeli-built “Taxibot.”

-Do not use public transport inside Amsterdam, Moscow or Northern China in case you benefit from Israeli transportation devices.

-If you suffer a power or network failure, be grateful that at least you haven’t installed the Israeli system that prevents power outages.

-Finally, you need to leave all your taps running when you leave home and must never flush your toilet, because Israel provides water-saving technology to over half of the planet. It also is providing sewage treatment technology across the world, including to the UK. It should be obvious by now that all the measures specified in Parts 1 – 4 of this series of blogs will inevitably mean that your organization and your staff will be completely unable to function.  Let’s therefore hope that the decision by your organization to boycott Israeli products is flushed down the toilet of history.

Thanks to the wonderful Michael Ordman!

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    • Do you support their blatant missile attacks on 3 different UN shelters and schools over the past week? Those missiles that are killing 1,000s of innocent citizens, many of whom are children, are paid for by your tax dollars. How does that make you feel?

  1. So basically, the world would still be in the stone age if it was not for the wonderful world of Israel? Yeah. Of course. Get all your info from the American media do you? Read this. And then tell me if it might be just a little bit biased. Could this be why most Americans back Israel’s genocide and the rest of the world does not? I have no love for islam but no love for genocide on innocent men, women and children either.

    • Then why do all but one media outlet support Oblamer and his anti-Israel agenda? What you and this site are saying is that they are supporting America leaving them and leaving them virtually defenseless against countries larger than Iraq?

    • What did that article have to do with anything? There’s a bunch of Jewish CEOs in charge of media networks, then what’s with all the anti-Israel sentiment in the media? Maybe they’re letting people run the stories/take the views they want to? Maybe one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. The phony comment at the bottom by an obviously non-Jewish person (claiming otherwise) is especially despicable and sets a new standard of low. I’m guessing that you’re the owner of that site trying desperately to get attention, you should be ashamed of yourself sir.

    • Genocide? Like Hitler did to them? Where in Israel are there mass graves and piles of bodies? Israel is the only place were all religions are respected and represented in their government. Same with women and gays. There is a good reason why Hamas is called ‘the new millionaires club’ – also google, ‘Pallywood’, for their talent at propaganda production.

    • RE: “Could this be why most Americans back Israel’s genocide?”

      If you support this sort of thing, you are sick! And please DO NOT SPEAK for the rest of us Americans as most Americans certainly do not back any form of genocide!!

    • Your link states that some Jewish men have media jobs. Your accusation is genocide. Are you saying that Michael Eisner strapped a bomb on his child and sent him to the Boston Marathon? Should I be afraid if I see my paperboy at a baseball game? You make no sense. Isrealies save people and Islam kills people.

      • Israelis save people…?? So dropping bombs to innocent children is “saving people”…? U r so funny dude! I might die laughing…LOL

    • Unfortunately for you, the information in the article is true. If you believe Rense, then you must be wearing a tinfoil hat so the government can’t read your mind… assuming that you have one.

      Hint: using rense as a source destroys any credibility you might have had.

    • Actually a genocide isn’t possible when the population triples in less than two decades. you should find a new word.

      • easy for a population to triple in two decades when it is brought to an extremely low number by “attempted” genocide.. Let’s find a new word together shall we?

        • Attempted??? Not evem in your nightmares, how in the world a round number of five thousand deaths in the last wars can reduce the population of 3million people???

    • Anyone using is automatically suspect– it’s those tinfoil hats they wear so the government can’t read their thoughts that does it.
      No the world wouldn’t be in the Stone Age without Israel, but it would be lacking many breakthroughs in science, medicine, agriculture, electronics and much more without Israel.
      Fact: Israel has more patent submissions than any other country except the US.

      Fact: Israel has more patent submissions per capita, than any other country.

      Fact: Silicon valley employs more Israelis than any other nationality except US Americans.

      Fact: Intel, Motorola, Cisco, Nice, Microsoft and a dozen other major high-tech US companies have their ONLY R&D facility outside the US in… Israel.

      Now learn the meaning of the word “genocide”: the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

      Since the Palestinian population grows by the highest rate in the Middle East every year, one has to conclude that if Israel is conducting genocide on the Palestinians, Israel has to be the most INefficient ethnic cleanser in History.

      It only took Nazi Germany 5 years to murder 6 million Jews, 1 million gypsies, 3 million Poles, 5 million Russians and about 4 million people from various European countries (not on battlefields). How many Palestinians have died since 1948? About 35 thousand.

      That’s some genocide, genius.

    • What you say about this article is true, but remember that most of the american population is against Israel blockading Gaza and storming it with army and air raids. The U.S government on the other hand “supports” Israel because of the actual situation in middle east, U.S government also makes sure Israel doesn’t go too far with it’s attacks on Gaza. In fact all the military supplies (ammo mainly) of Israel and the Iron Dome system are financed by the U.S government, this way the U.S can “block” Israel whenever they wish.

    • Amen. I feel the same way. They are obviously self gandising ego maniacs. The more they boast the more revolting it is. So basically, they are threatening the world now. I’d rather die than suffer the humiliation of bowing down to this fake and artificial country. God did not make this Israel, not this time.

    • Same here, starting my boycott to them… They just know how to hate and they don’t know how to love; support suicide bomb… but they cry a lot when israel want to stop hamas.

      • Go ahead and boycott them.. It’s not like you have any of those things already. I’ve seen how you people look on TV. At least get a decent pair of sandals.. Geez man!

    • Using the same logic of this article, I’d suggest you look up who ‘invented’ algebra.

      Good luck boycotting Muslim products.

      • Algebra was invented by greeks around 300 bc. One muslim continued the work and expanded it, this is a far cry from inventing it. But Israel is not calling for a boycot of muslim products it is the other way around.

        • Algebra is an Arabic word LOL — the field was preserved in books by Muslim mathematician “Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī”. Plus ‘0’ were given by Arab Muslims as contribution — without which things would come to stand still. Where did you stupids study? 🙂

          • 0 was not given by Arab Muslims.

            The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol or an empty space for separation is attributed to India, where, by the 9th century AD, practical calculations were carried out using zero, which was treated like any other number, even in case of division.[14][15] The Indian scholar Pingala (circa 5th–2nd century BC) used binary numbers in the form of short and long syllables (the latter equal in length to two short syllables), making it similar to Morse code.[16][17] He and his contemporary Indian scholars used the Sanskrit word śūnya to refer to zero or void.

            Stop misleading and do some research before you spread nonsense.

          • Exactly so !!! Most ancient math was invented by Indian scholars and stolen by muslim invaders. Science and art was HARAM in islam and therefore so called “arabic” numerals are not arabic at all. They are Hindu numerals, Only non-muslims were allowed to deal with science and art in the calliphate.

          • Now that is not true. The numerals were Arabic, and the 0 was indeed Indian. The Levant and North Africa has played a major role in the development of Astronomy, Mathematics and in the preservation of Greek writings for the benefit of the enlightenment in later centuries in Western Europe. Medical science as well, by the way.

            Having said that, the list of things the Israeli’s “invented” is quite interesting, but let me start with two examples outside of Israel to illustrate my thoughts:

            At the same time Leibniz was working on calculus, so was Newton. And instead of Leibniz arriving at certain conclusions much earlier, Newton took the credit for inventing it. What that story doesn’t mention is that Euxodus, Lui Hui, Zu Chongzhi, Madhava of Sangamagrama and Alhazen from Greece, China, India and Persia respectively also worked on parts of what we now refer to as Calculus.

            Similarly, the Steam Engine wasn’t invented by James Watt. He performed some innovations, based on the work of Heron of Alexandria, Denis Papin, Thomas Savery and even a Dutchman or two, if you believe Bill Bryson.

            So the Israeli’s didn’t singlehandedly invent anything in spite of being an innovative force. Then we need to talk about the people and the money. The people who did most of these innovations are a bunch of Poles, Germans, White-Russians, Ukrainians and other people from within the borders of the former USSR. Then the money they used to develop said technologies has been coming from the US.

            To cut a long story short, their innovations have been bankrolled by someone else. The Pentium was developed at Intel’s office, to name one.

          • Intel is associated with Andrew Grove, born Andras Grof, a Jew who escaped from his native Hungary after the Soviets crushed its revolution in 1956.
            It’s without saying that no one started to invent the wheel from scratch. All that Israelis produce and invent is based on the work of others, Jews and not-Jews alike, who preceded them. But those who suggest to boycott Israel or even Jews should expand the list in this article, because plenty of medication or methods of treatment were developed by Jews and/or Israelis.
            But those who suggest such a boycott are not stupid. When it comes to them or their family members, all the boycott goes away and they are eager to receive help from those whom they suggest to boycott. KJust one example – hundreds of Arabs and/or Muslims from countries that do not recognize Israel undergo every year medical treatment in Israel ….
            Another thought to analyze is why Islam produced things that enriched the mankind 1000+ years ago and today it exports its natural resources, refugees, and hate.

          • So Israel, an Eastern European and Russian colonisation of the Middle East, commits huge crimes against humanity on a piece of land that was misappropriated between 1917 (Balfour) and 1948 (the Naqba). At present, the Palestinians hold 22% of the land they once owned, they’ve been evicted from their homes and villages and depending on the side of the border they’re at, they are either second rate citizens or plainly oppressed undesirables that live under the bootheel of a military regime.

            On top of that, right wing and / or religious nutbags seek to further colonise the 22% of the land they still live on by building settlements, partitioning and fragmenting the land further with walls and “Israeli-only” roads, and by usurping the water supply of said beleaguered population.

            And we’re supposed to not boycott that utter disgrace of a regime because of the fact that Andrew Grove was a Hungarian Jew who later became a US citizen?

            Now before you shout anti-semite because of my critique of Israel and its politics, please consider that I’ve lived there for three years, have a son in Haifa to a Mizrahi jewess, am currently married to an Ashkenazia with Lithuanian / Ukrainian roots and am intimately aware of the demographics of both Israel and its parliament.

            If one considers the former USSR plus their Warsaw pact buffer states, one could argue that 3.2 million inhabitants of Israel have absolutely nothing to do with the middle east because they are USSR natives. Russian and Polish are often their first language, they hate the climate, eat gefülte fish and dislike spices, generally think they can play chess and are usually not equipped to be in the sun too much.

            Now about those Arabs that undergo treatment in Israel: Usually this is because said Arabs are allowed in the country to work in construction or cleaning. Then the hospitals they may have had in Gaza or the West Bank have a habit of being blown to smithereens by the IDF every three years, or whenever the Israeli regime finds a pre-text to start another bombing run on the population. Last year’s skirmishes, which cost 800 children, 600 women and a further 1100 civilian men their lives, are a fine example.

            And then Israel bangs itself on the chest over their gracious help to the Palestinians in need. I’ve seen this in action, this delusion, and it really makes me vomit inside my mouth a bit every time I need to discuss this point with someone.

          • Israel was colonized by many long time before the Arabs and Islam existed. The only people that stayed there throughout the history, even if sometimes in small numbers, were the Jews. Between the Jews, who were thrown on the road of exile last time by the Romans, and the Arabs, who conquered the Holy Land, was this land Christian. The Arabs didn’t settle in what is today Israel peacefully. They conquered the entire Middle East, North Africa, Iberian Peninsula, and France till Poitiers. It took Europe 760 years from Poitiers (732) to Andalusia (1492) to push them back to Africa.

            First of those who returned to the land of their forefathers settled in places where no one was living. They didn’t settle in Jaffa, but build a new town of Tel-Aviv. They reclaimed land that Arabs didn’t even use to grass their sheep. All this during the period when it was part of the Ottoman Empire.

            Palestinians is a new expression; when I was a kid they called themselves Arabs. Palestine was originally east and west of Jordan. East of Jordan was Transjordan, renamed Jordan after sizing what’s today commonly called West Bank. Palestinians want everything between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean and therefore never changed their PLO Charter, even after some of them formally recognized the right of Israel to exist. PLO existed before Israel sized the West Bank which was between 1948 and 1967 integral part of Jordan.

            Basically we have two people, one land and a conflict how to solve the problem. If at the beginning the Israelis. Palestinian Arabs live on the West Bank and in Jordan. Arabs should live in their states and Israelis in their one. Therefore I am in favor of an Arab state, an n-th one in the region. But not in favor of an Arab state that would wind up Israel.

            Your anti-Israeli attitude is evident and I have pity of you. The Israelis really had to step on your toe to be so virulently anti-Israeli. Would the Arabs win, your son and his Mizrahi (Egyptian) Jewish wife are going to be expelled, if not assassinated, in no time.

            Arabs living in Israel and having more rights that Indians living in the US Indian (Federal) reservations. They have their representatives in the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and all bodies that constitute a democratic society. Something that the Arabs can dream about in practically all the Arab countries. If many of them work in Israel, it’s because they have no work at home. Israel provides them with water, electricity, allows them to use Israeli airports. If Israel waged a military action against Gaza, it was because before for years they were shelled from Gaza. You have a nice way to describe only half of the reality thus presenting a false image of the situation. But besides working in Israel, the Arabs, and not only the Palestinian ones, are also medically treated there. Those who it, for free! Would Israel really wanted to annihilate Palestinian Arabs, do you really think they wouldn’t have finished the job already long time ago? Contrary to Arabs, Israelis know that they must live with their neighbors. The Arabs are still having a problem to acknowledge that.

            The anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli, and anti-Western hate is the only thing that unites the Muslims. Shiites and Sunnites are fighting each other since the death of Mohamed which was certainly not yesterday. Wars within and between Muslim countries are widespread. What Islamic radicalism is showing lately should make many Muslims to wonder who is really on their side. Murders in France (murderer a French born Muslim, victim a French non-Muslim), Tunisia (murderer a Tunisian Muslim, victims exclusively European and probably all Christian), and Kuwait (victims Shiites in the Mosque praying during Ramadan), mutual bombing of Shiites and Sunnites in Iraq is something that should worry you more than Israel. Or do you really believe that would the Palestinian Arabs take over entire Israel the peace would reign in the region?

            I know it’s hard to try to be objective and I don’t dream to see you to try to be objective. Hate solves nothing but allows the hater to feel he/she is acting. So continue! But the future will belong to those who try to find solutions, which must be compromises. And by definition a compromise is a solution that pleases entirely no one to please overall all involved. The Arabs (and Muslims) would have to accept that the Israelis are there to stay and the Israelis that ruling Arabs would endanger their state. At present there is no unity among Palestinian Arabs and no body that would represent them all. Rulers of West Bank and Gaza hate and fight each other more than they hate Israel. But this would hopefully not last forever.

            You originally wrote “To cut a long story short, their innovations have been bankrolled by someone else. The Pentium was developed at Intel’s office, to name one.” My comment on Andrew Grove was just to remind you that you used a bad example. Especially when it’s not money that creates but ideas. The Arabs have plenty of money and I can’t recall anything that would enrich the mankind the last 100 or so years that came out of an Arab country. Besides oil that they didn’t invent. Without the western technology they would have been poor as they were before.

            If discussing this subject makes you vomit inside your mouth, make sure you won’t choke. No one forces you to discuss it. People like you don’t make the history. History is made by people like Anwar el-Sadat.

          • Hahaha… The strip of land currently known as Israel was indeed populated long before Islam and Christianity existed. Christianity was finally codified at around 380 CE, Islam was codified around 650 CE. But you casually forget to mention that Judaism didn’t exist until 700BCE, and was finally codified in writing around 700 CE, because oddly enough the body of writing that is the Tanach was finished in what is popularly dubbed “exile”.

            So yes, at around 1600 BCE it was already a province of Egypt, and since it’s located squarely in the fertile crescent, traces of sedentary life style and agriculture go as far back as 3600 BCE. The archeological record is quite clear on that. As far as the formation of Judaism in the fiefdom of Judah is concerned, the Assyrian records also back up the 700BCE number.

            To cut a long story short, Earth has indeed existed for around 4.5 billion years without Judaism, so to say that the Jews were in Israel “throughout history” is not only provable poppycock, but also a degree of chutzpah or hubris that is really rather disgusting in its own right.

            Now if you want to talk about “peaceful settlement”, I suggest you read the Tanach if you want Jewish sources. After all, Moses and his crew had to slaughter the hittites, luddites, do battle with philistines (which every one denies being Palestinians in spite of the obvious root of the word), completely raze Jericho and a few other towns and essentially throw out any of the local inhabitants they came across.

            So if peaceful settlement is your criteria, then the Jews / Hebrews are certainly not entitled to the land if you want to get biblical about that.

            Now the bible is an obvious piece of poppycock to begin with, so I suggest you read Silberman’s and Finkelstein’s “The Bible unearthed” to start with.

          • Torah (Pentateuch) is from 600-400 BCE, Mishna cca 200CE, Gemara 500 CE. Certainly before Islam appeared. So your “Judaism didn’t exist until 700BCE, and was finally codified in writing around 700 CE,” implies that the Christianity derived its sources from not yet codified Judaism. Certainly a new revolutionary insight the Holy Father of Catholics in Rome would be interested to explore.

            “philistines (which every one denies being Palestinians in spite of the obvious root of the word)” is another of your twists. Historical Philistines were not even Semites and had nothing to do with today’s Palestinian Arabs. Same applies to today’s Muslim Egyptians; they are not descendants of pharaohs’ Egyptians. The Copts were living there long time before them. Palestine was never a nation; it was a name of a geographical region. It’s use was meant to replace Judea and Israel. The Mandate Palestine covered today’s Jordan, West Bank and Israel. The Arab use of Palestine = Philistines is similar to Abraham = Ibrahim. If they weren’t capable of creating their own, they just took the history from somebody else.

            To finish with a smile – there were six Jews who influenced the world – Moses (all is the law), Jesus (all is love), Spinoza (all is nature), Marx (all is money), Freud (all is sex) and finally Einstein (all is relative). A good reason for some to hate them and the people they came from. Even if Spinoza was expelled from his community and Marx was antisemitic.

          • While the Jewish canon was still being worked on around 700 CE, your general time-line of Torah being written down between 600-400 BCE is quite right, even if trace evidence of the beginnings of Jewish culture goes back a little further to indeed 700-750 BCE. However, your nitpicking about what the Holy Father of the RC church might think of that aside:

            How does that conflict with the thousands of years of human development in the Levant prior to Judaism, the millions of years early humans roamed the region and the billions of years this planet existed without the notion of a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim? I am a little irritated people get so hung up on details about something as boringly trivial, predictable and silly as human tendency towards religions that are pure gobbledygook.

            Having said that both Israel (the kingdom) and Judah were inland fiefdoms. Israel was moderately successful due to cooperations with the phoenicians, while Judah was a powerless and miserable backwater. It is in Judah that Judaism was developed so as to promote some kind of social cohesion amongst its citizens, who didn’t have much to celebrate to begin with.

            The notion of the “Nation State” was not invented until around 1800 CE. So no, Palestine was not a “nation” in 3600 BCE, because nations wouldn’t be invented until 5400 years later. Duh.

            In that vein, around 3000 BCE we’re talking about Proto-Semites. A semite is just someone who has a Semitic language as a first / native language. At the time, the Assyrian, Egyptian/Coptic region used Akkadian was the most commonly found language of the region, and it really does qualify as Semitic. The later spread of Arabic and Arabic cultural influence does not negate the fact that Levantine people are just that: Levantine. Likewise, the Moroccans, Tunisians and Egyptians are not Arabs in spite of them speaking Africans, they are North Africans. I’ve never understood why the Dutch get called the Dutch, the Germans the Germans, and yet when it comes to “Arabs” people have the notion to include 1.3 billion people from Afghanistan to Morocco.

            Similarly, the Jews didn’t create anything on their own, they also rest on the shoulders of those that came before them. We all do. Your vitriol towards other Semites than Jewish Semites is stinging yet complete bollocks.

            Funnily enough Spinoza was indeed kicked out of the flock when he penned his works on Humanism because the Jewish community in Amsterdam couldn’t stand the heresy. I guess he ended his life being Dutch. There are good indications that Marx may have been crazy. Then I am not 100% sure if Moses is anything but a fictional character.

            This leaves us with Freud and Einstein. Freud was just wrong in most of his theories, had quite the abnormal relationship to women and did enough cocaine to kill a horse.

            Einstein is interesting because nobody is sure whether he believes in a God. And this brings me to my final question:

            My wife, like me, is an Atheist. She has said that she doesn’t consider herself Jewish. I agree with that assessment, because it is a religion. Really, my wife is of Ukrainian/Lithuanian descent, has an Israeli passport and recently became Dutch by proxy of marrying me. For all intents and purposes she is Dutch/Israeli.

            Why would it be valid to call anyone a Jew if they don’t believe in a god? Now the answer lies in the institutionalised racism that the Zionist movement has promoted as a basic tenet of Judaism. Oddly enough, they started doing this amidst a wave of anti-Jewish sentiments around 1850 CE.

            Lastly, I smile at this whole discussion, because everything from the initial article it arose from to this thread is too bizarre not to. People are really too stupid, narrow minded and arrogant to see anything resembling a bigger picture wherein their own identity is both silly and transient.

            Why can’t we deal with the fact that what we are isn’t written in stone?

          • “People are really too stupid, narrow minded and arrogant to see anything resembling a bigger picture” – I like the way you describe people of your kind.

            Nobody ever said that everything people of Jewish descend invented was done from scratch. It’s obvious that all is build on what previous generations created, invented, discovered. What’s still amazing is the amount of things people of Jewish origin created, invented and/or discovered. It by far exceeds what one would statistically expect from their number. Just look at the list of Nobel prize holders. Or just look at discoveries in the field of medicine, physics, etc.
            I understand that if you can’t accept it, you must hate it. So do so. Jews historically survived people of you kind and I have no doubt that they’ll do it in the future, too.

            While the countries that have just natural resources and don’t develop their intellectual potential are going to disappear in oblivion. 1000 or so years ago the Islamic world was full of ideas, today it exports oil and terrorism. What a waste!

          • Huh. I’ve spent three years in Israel seeing most Jews excel at a whole slew of things I would call irritating at best and downright morally vapid at its worst.

            Can I carefully suggest that Jews, like most people, are people? And depending on their circumstances, they can be tremendous assholes.

          • But not aSShole as you, Mr. Liar !

            Tagid li mashehu beivrit sheieashesh et teanatkha shepa’am garta beisrael shalosh shanim !

          • Hahahaha…. What, you want the photo’s? Or the phone numbers of friends to corroborate it? Or perhaps a printout of my employer’s HR database? But no, I never learned Ivrit in spite of my shalosh shanim ba Yisrael, because I refused to, by the way. It’s still a bit bothersome since my son only speaks Hebrew and nothing else, but hey, what can one do?

            However, I find it hilarious that you’d go for such a flagrant and full frontal ad hominem attack. You must have run out of proper arguments then, right?

          • There you hit on a truth. Societies that depend on natural resources too much tend to stagnate. Which has little to do with the religion or philosophy du jour.

            Although Norway seems to do alright. Wonder why.

          • cnweiner – May I use some of what you’ve written? I’m having a friendly (not) discussion with some folks who think Jews are Nazis and worthless and doesn’t seem to think Israel has contributed anything to technology. They seem to have a hate issue.

          • Of course you can use them. What I wrote are not discoveries or inventions. They are summaries of realities as they exist and anyone can check their veracity from independent sources.

          • Your story some are real facts, but it is what it is, is USA Indians land? fuck no.
            Jews live all over the world, but since end of Hitler, all of sudden a secret land popped up? lol

          • I was told by a Jewish friend that her family went to Israel and lived in a house that Palestinians had been put out of. If you all are so honest then why did you sterilize the Beta Israel (Ethiopian) Jews without their knowledge. The Ethiopian Jews are the original Jews, who Zionist did not even want to include in the Right of Return. There is a difference between Zionist Jews and the dark (Semitic Jews). The Zionists are converts and are racist against the Semitic Jews! Shame on you!

          • Would you be kind enough to sign? I don’t hide my identity, why do you?
            Some Arabs left Israel being assured that the Arabs armies would run over the new Jewish state and they’ll be able to return. As this didn’t happen, their houses
            remained empty. They were used later used by those inhabitants, who
            remained. Jews and Arabs alike.
            Nearly all the Jews and many Christians
            were expelled by force from Muslim countries (Arab and Iran) and their
            property, including their houses, were sized by the state and today
            Muslims live in them.
            Once the Muslim world would make peace with
            Israel, the peace treaty would have to deal with the fair compensation to all who were deprived of their property. Houses being only part of them.
            I am not an Israeli and I live in Europe. Please accept my assurance that I sterilized no one.
            Ethiopian Jews were granted the Right of Return status by the State of Israel, Israel is by your definition a Zionist entity. Your claim that the Zionist didn’t want to include Falasha among those returning to the homeland of their forefathers is therefore a mere nonsense.
            Please note that in Israel live people of different religions and origins on equal footing. Arabs, Christian and Muslims, have their deputies in Knesset (Israeli parliament) and in all other bodies of the administration. Please note that in Arab countries exist the notions of dhimmi (submission of People of Book to Muslim rule) and jizya (payment for this protection) and that women do not enjoy same rights men do.
            The difference between the Zionists, Jews and non-Jews, and non-Zionists, is not in the color of their skin but in the attitude toward the establishment of a Jewish homeland. I know little about Ethiopian Jews to make a statement about their Zionist or non-Zionist attitudes, but among the non-dark Jews, if you allow me to paraphrase your expression, are people of both kinds.
            As to who is a convert, please note that we all are converts. Jews to Judaism since Abraham, Christians to Christianity since Jesus, and Muslims to Islam since Mohammad.
            I doubt that Jews, Zionist or not, are more racist than you as you show an anti-Jewish bias that is more than evident.

          • You’re really a good phony stories teller. I like your lies because they show that anti-Semites aSSholes like you have no future.

          • Empty place in calculations was known already in ancient Babylon. They used space notations like we do and just left an empty place where we would put 0.

          • It is most certainly true that an “empty place symbol” had been in use before Indians discovered zero as a concept, but understanding zero as a mathematical object is a deeper feat than merely coming up with a handy empty place symbol for numerical notations.

            The symbol came first, the understanding later, and as far as I’m aware, it was the Indians to whom we owe this, although there’s a distinct chance that the Mayans independently understood the same thing about two or three centuries before that, although their independent discovery “didn’t make it” to the rest of the world the way the Indian one did.

          • Sanksrit sunya is derived from Tamil word Suliyam. Suliyam comes from the root suli, meaning round.

          • Are you suggesting that all these years only in the Zionist state any medical or technological research are done. All the other great nations had been sleeping?9

          • Hodurskii. Look back at the history of you came to this land. You must read Miko Peted’s book. And please dont be so.obtuse and proclaim that it’s all only the jews’ work. Grow up fast. Son.

          • i read the quran you moron, sura 521… !!! you have to grow up!!! oohhhh i sorry i do not read the miko shmiko peted boook… i know the truth… you know the lies, so just shut up… and stay where ever you are

          • You did not give them anything. You stole from them everything. You are still stealing land from them today. You ungrateful and shameless creatures calling yoursrlf humans. Uncle Adolf definitely did not accomplish his mission. Hail Hitler.

          • You are a maniac! No one can deny the jews are an Ingenious group of
            people that are highly organised and resourceful (I am not jewish but
            this fact is kind of obvious). Your hatred is clearly affecting your

          • you are a pig you should be put down your lot only stole ideas others had and then try to claim it for yourselves most of what you claim to be done by Muslims was done by Arabs long before they were Muslims since they became Muslim they have stood still

          • Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity!!!

          • well, theres a lunatic pointing a gun at your head, about to pull the trigger, would think that that may be somewhat more dangerous than ignorance and stupidty.

          • See, and this is where you lose me. I am certainly one for pointing out the horrendous moral flaws in both the Zionist enterprise, the Israeli regime and the subsequent forgery of history and the Israeli’s disgusting holier-than-thou chestbeating. Yes, it’s a painful regime that is a blemish on the notion of true democracy.

            However, advocating total genocide as a solution to those moral flaws makes you a bit of a dick, really. Not to mention just as bad as the thing I’m railing against.

            I really hope you will not walk into my neck of the woods with your heil hitler, because we don’t take kindly to that sort of nonsense. Very much so. You’ll get hurt.

          • Wow – you were doing so well until this point. Just goes to show that even if you have the “facts” in hand, it does not necessitate a logical conclusion. While the subject your assertions based on the “historical accounts” of jews and the development of judaism are misguided at best, you seem to forget that everyone came from somewhere, thus despite movements in and around an area, the concept of an independent religion starting with mysticism must in theory be as early as the first populace in an area.

          • Your ignorance has no limits. Hail is a frozen water that bumps from the heavens. The Nazi greeting is written differently.

          • no.. im going to state historical book which are not deny the fact that this is my land..

          • oh come on man in gaza they dont eat sand
            israel provides food and nutrition on a daily basis to the gaza strip

          • That is not what was suggested…every nations took part in one way or another in human progress…Jewish contribution, in respect to their small number has been particularly important… only the Muslims seem to have been in some sort of a scientific hibernation for the last 1000 years…

          • I gived them the benefit of the doubt…in the first 4-5 hundred years Arabs conquered vast lands and occupied many peoples and civilizations and robbed their science, inventions, knowledge and wisdom, for which the Arabs than took credit.

          • Only an ignorant would pretend that the Jews invented everything. But they invented, compared to their number, far more than the others. And especially Muslims, who during the last centuries produced in the domain you mentioned, medical and technological research, nothing. Why? In my opinion because of the place education has in their Islam contemporary societies.

          • “The concept of zero as a number and not merely a symbol or an empty space for separation is attributed to India”

            Yeah, and if it wasnt taken by arab traders and then introduced to europe, you wouldnt be talking like a moron here today.


          • The zero has been around long before what’s-his-name that started this whole holy war B.S.
            Look it up

          • Ture… Nobody fck care about that zero… people are all bullshit that is the reason the world has no peace…

          • Zero was invented independently by the Babylonians, Mayans
            and Indians (although some researchers say the Indian number system was
            influenced by the Babylonians

          • Here are some GENUINE achievements xxxx
            Overall, Jews have won a total of 41% of all the Nobel Prizes in economics, 28% of medicine, 26% of Physics, 19% of Chemistry, 13% of Literature and 9% of all peace awards

          • what occupation? how did the jewish temple get there? have you ever read the Old Testament? The jews own that land. get over it.

          • It is said the Jews will never be given that land as they want in whole. God told them that they can’t oppress or use force to do so and that is just what they are doing. Going against GOD. The stiff necked pigs that God himself calls them.

          • So… In other words, they’re best at squeezing out money from others and worst at keeping peace… if you say so…

          • we are the best at both of them, but as an Istaeli sentence say: the blindest people are thoose who insist to.

          • we dont’ have to open our eyes to see bullshit, all we have to do is listen to your Mr. Netmenyahu speak. LOL He will burn in hell with his sheeply supporters.

          • start to move your ass out of palestine and go back to where your borders were… then start talking about peace.
            To easy to talk about cease fire while you still have settlers living where they shouldnt and terrorize and treat the palestinians like animals in the zoo.
            You open your eyes

          • At first i will come and kill all the members of your family and then call for a ceasefire .. i would want to see if you keep quiet or you RETALIATE !

          • Thanks Jan- you are right. We are great entrepreneurs and creative business people. We can run all kinds of businesses and help generate money for the public good. We built banks, shopping centres and supermarkets and helped make America prosperous. There is nothing wrong with that. It is better than relying on charity or good luck ( ie -living in a land that has huge oil reserves that gives you power and money without actually building anything .)

          • Shosh, Jews is not synonym for state of Israel (as you know). Many of those Nobel Prize winner were american jews and european jews, respected and admired as artists, scientists, thinkers, physicians. I don’t know if Chaplin, Einstein, Bohr would approve that their legacy would be lent to justify military aggression.

          • blah, blah, blah. Military agression? they’re defending themselves idiot. 3300 missiles fired into their country.

          • BO_stinks_stinks, 3300 missiles from where? Should Israel attack the country that provides those missiles. Hamas existence seems to interest to Israel state, legitimizing Israel expansive politics.

          • we are attacking the one who is throwing at us.. we give them money instead of spending them on education.. they buying rpg misiles etc… we are supplying them food electricity water… they atre throwing at as misiles… we are taking care of they children at hospitals for free.. they still shooting at us!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don’t know the facts pls shut up!!!

          • I agree with Israel right of self defense. Anyway, if you say that you know the facts and you say Hamas buys missiles with Israeli money…

          • it is enought saying that we giving them free electricity and water… they have 1.2 bilion nis debt to our goverment and electricity company… ohh yes and i forgot to mention that our Concrete is going to construction of tunnels!! so we are providing them with all that and money that we giving them as loan…..

          • expansive policies? in a country the size of the king ranch in texas?

            it’s the arabs who are constantly moving the goal posts and stealing land. in 1923, they (with british help) stole 78% of the land of the palestine mandate (for creating a JEWISH homeland), to create “an arab homeland in palestine”. israel, including judea, samaria, and gaza, is the 22% that was left, and now they want to steal about 1/3 of what’s left by lying about “palestine”, a term that cannot even be written in arabic, and that prior to 1964, was “too jewish” to be applied to any self-respecting arab.

            Jordan IS Arab Palestine.

          • It is hard to accept the argument about palestine mandate, an event orchestrated by Great Britain almost a hundred years ago, and before the creation of the state of Israel. Israeli extension also doesn’t exempt it from having expansive policies.
            I don’t question you that Jordan is Arab Palestine, but which options remain for those born and grown up in Gaza strip? Would they have citizenship in Jordan, in Egypt? Governed by former terrorists and threatened inside and outside frontiers, what can they hope?

          • It’s funny that you’ve mentioned Einstein and Bohr. True – they were not Israeli ccitizens, but both of them were open supporters of the Zionist movement. On his death bed, Einstein has been working on a speech he was supposed to carry to honor Israel’s 7th independence day.

          • I believe that the prejudice and persecution that jews suffered along history was sufficient to recognize that zionism was necessary. I

          • and by what “right” did the arab armies of egypt, iraq, syria, and jordan conquer land that was supposed to be allocated to a jewish homeland, and ethically cleanse jewish communities such as hevron, jericho, jerusalem, and gaza, that had been there for up to 3,000 years?

            “gaza” is just a strip of land held by the egyptian army in 1948, where they built refugee camps and forced the refugees not to resettle, in order to be pawns in the battle to drive the jews into the sea. the gaza synagogue (like the jericho one) dates from the 3rd century, and is part of the rich JEWISH heritage that predates the arab occupation by 1,000 years.

            why do you blame israel for the consequences of arab hatred and violence?

          • Shloime, I don´t blame jews for Israel acts. As you mentioned, jewish heritage has been there for millenia (and also in South and North America an Europe), but it is still there, it was there during arab expansion and I hope it will still be there for another millenium. But, as weird as it may seem to you, muslims also have their architectural jewels .
            Gaza may be, as you say, just a strip of land held by egyptian army, but it is home for people there, many of them,working as second-class in Israel.
            Please, don´t confuse my critics to Licud politics with prejudice against jews. Your people are great, your country also, but Likud is a party and it can be criticized, another foreign strategy should be possible.

          • all those fools in Gaza need to do is stop Hamas firing rockets at Israel to stop threatening to kill all jews and to stop shouting that they are going to remove Israel from the earth then they will be able to work as equals as do a lot of Muslims who live in Israel now there is even Muslim Arabs in the Israeli Government

          • They certainly don´t have this right, and I never suggested that Israel doesn´t have its right to self-defense, but which is the relation between responding to egyptian and syrian attacks and building blocks in risky areas?

          • The Arabs ( Muslims ) tried and failed to take out Israel in a war there was 6 or seven Arab nations all at the same time attacking Israel and they lost so they lost some land wow hard luck

          • The ‘land” belongs historically, morally, spiritually and indeed legally to the Jewish people. There was never a country, nation called palestine nor was there ever a race, specific ethnic group of people called Palestinians. If not to the Jews, tell me please to whom does the land belong? To the Arabs or perhaps the so called Palestinians..explain me on what basis…even the Coran which is mostly very hostile to the Jews acknowledges the right of the Jewish people on the land…

          • What does it mean that the “land” belongs historically, morally and spiritually to Jewish people? Should Jews be expelled of other countries, where groups consider that they don’t have moral rights? I hope not.
            Many cultures occupied the “land”, under your arguments of culture, faith and morality many lifes have been sacrificed.
            The “land” belongs legally to Israel, but where are the “lands” borders?

          • The land borders must be those accepted and legally recognized by the League of Nations in the early 1920’s..fromthe Jordan iver to the Med. Sea.

          • if it were lent for military aggression. but intelligent people can tell the difference between self-defense and arab lies.

          • Military aggression..I suppose you mean the pan-Arabic onslaught on the small Jewish state in 1948! No, they certainly would not have approved. Than Chaplin could have been but was not Jewish!

          • I had already apologized about Chaplin.
            Pan-Arabic aggression in1948 doesn’t justify Gaza strip bilateral aggressions in 2015.

          • and won also the world record for mass killing and international law breaking. Congratulations

          • Really? Israel won the world record for mass killing? Care to supply some numbers to back your ridiculous claim? Fact is, in the past 100 years, since before Israel was founded, the total death toll on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is under 120,000 (just under 100,000 of them are Palestinians). In Syria alone, in the past 3 years, some 160,000 people have died in the civil war, and in Iraq, in the last decade, some 500,000 people have died.

            There are of course other places in the world, not just the middle east, where the total death toll is higher than the the entire 100 years of conflict between Jews and Palestinians: Chechnya – 160,000, Balkan wars – 140,000, Indian-Pakistan conflict – between 500,000 and 1,000,000 dead, Need I go on?

            So it’s easy to go around claiming Israel commits genocide, or holds the world record for mass killing, but the fact is, it’s just not true.

          • that’s nothing compared to Muslims winning 100% suicide bombing, 100% kidnapping and 100% beheading on tv, and hiding behind women and children whilst firing rockets 100%, and 90% illiteracy in Gaza and West Bank. Their wisdom and knowledge is unmatched for architecture and designing, when supplied with concrete for building schools and hospitals, they build state of the art tunnels, when schools and hospitals are eventually built are used to store weapons and train terrorists and rocket launching pads. quite an achievement too.

          • yea cause muslims are soooo peaceful now aren’t they?
            *cough* syria *cough* iran *cough* iraq *cough* isis

          • unlike the one, Peace prize given to Odumba just for being elected and long before he had done anything for Peace and he still has not

          • Perhaps, but are you claiming jewishness by birth or by practice? science and religion tend not to mix.

          • one arab, not muslim..the islam religion started around 600 jc

            the only thing the muslims invented is an imaginary country called “palestine”

          • Palestine is a country divided into small areas after Jews settlements occupied the land illegally by American aid. Jews were thrown out and came to Palestine as refugees and they are now creating all sorts of human crime. Their settlements needs to be removed and the history should be repeated . Adolf Hitler was a Christian and he knew why he didn’t want Jews in Germany. He didn’t kill all Jews but lets few so world know in future why he attempted to kill Jews. Now everybody knows Jews refugees are killing Palestinians the original land owners.

          • I am German and must say it is a shame to read these words. I am pretty sure youre not German. So in Hitler´s fanatic ideology you are not part of the superior race and should be wiped out or used as cheap labor as well. When will people finally unerstand that we are all humans and step away from their radical ideas (including fundamentalists from all sides….)

          • What history book do you read? Please tell me when Palestine was ever recognized as a country? Please tell me. While you are researching that (exact year) go ahead and research that area of land and tell me every country that has ever been recognized as such “owning” that land. Get a clue.

          • Palestinians today insist that they inhabited the land of Canaan before God gave it to Israel. But they are either seriously misinformed or willfully ignorant. The Canaanites were definitely not of Arab descent. The Arabic peoples are descendants of Ishmael, who descended from Shem. The peoples of Tunisia, Malta, Algeria and Sicily of today are of similar descent as these Canaanites.

            The peoples who now call themselves Palestinians correctly acknowledge the common ancestry of Abraham, just as the Jews and Arabs claim.

          • the philistines of the biblical period were not semites, but sea peoples, and ethnically greek.

          • There was never a country or nation called Palestine nor was there ever a race or specific ethnic group of people called Palestinians..before it was politically and fraudulently created in the mid 1960’s. Palestine is not even mentioned once in the Coran, which by the way acknowledge the right of the Jews on the land (Sura 5:21/Sura 26:26 etc.) During the British Mandate the local Arabs and Muslims refused to be called Palestinians, precisely for its association with the Jews..Scores of Arabs furthermore attested that there is no such a thing as Palestine nor Palestinians…

          • Palestinians today insist that they inhabited the land of Canaan before God gave it to Israel. But they are either seriously misinformed or willfully ignorant. The Canaanites described above were definitely not of Arab descent. The Arabic peoples are descendants of Ishmael, who descended from Shem. The peoples of Tunisia, Malta, Algeria and Sicily of today are of similar descent as these Canaanites.

            The peoples who now call themselves Palestinians correctly acknowledge the common ancestry of Abraham, just as the Jews and Arabs claim.

          • according to the United Nations, a “refugee from Palestine” is someone who lived there at least 2 years. it was enough to be able to prove that they were there in 1946 to qualify as a refugee, and to qualify your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren as refugees.

            israel was the land of the jews 3,000 years ago. even your koran says so, though it was written much later, if you bothered to read it before spouting hate-filled lies.

          • the Palestinians are not the original owners The Ottoman empire ruled that area for a long time and a lot of others before that but first of all it was the Israelites so how far back do you want to go may be we should give it all back to the dinosaurs or even just to the microbes that were there before them, Hiss you are some dumb mother fucker

          • Your ignorance of the history of the area known as Palestine is astounding. Your ignorance of European history and particularly Hitler and Nazism is even more so (and reliable, easily understood references on the latter are available in any book store). And what’s this “original land owners” malarkey? That area has been continuously inhabited by Jews and Arabs for well over the last 3,000 years.

          • actually…they’ve created a time machine. The time machine is the quran…it’s able to make absent minded people go back to the 7th century!

          • but not to the time of king david, who built the capital of the kingdom of judah, 1500 years before mohammed was born.

          • al-Khwārizmī was a scholar from a persian tradition , that came to an halt after few decades after muslim contest.
            0 came from India.

          • “Algebra is an Arabic word LOL”

            So is alcohol, and you’re really trying to convince us that Ancient Egyptians never drank beer, and Ancient Greeks never drank wine? What kind of logic is that?

            Algebra was studied already by Babylonians, Ancient Greeks, and Ancient Egyptians. Obviously they didn’t use the later Arabic name for it.

            “Plus ‘0’ were given by Arab Muslims as contribution”

            I think you misspelled “Indians” in that sentence.

            (Interestingly, BTW, the overwhelming majority of current algebraic knowledge has been discovered in Europe in the last three centuries. That has perhaps less to do with who has more smarter people and more with the fact that an advanced industrial civilization is more hungry for mathematical knowledge and simultaneously more able to support and feed a greater percentage of knowledge workers in its population, mathematicians included.)

          • i really find this artical so retarded. it is all nothing to tell this exclusive ( Israel ) as many as what u mentioned right now. They are muslims also as well behind it … and for those who say algebra is not from someone who is muslim. the need to check the name. and read Wikipedia about it.

            but what ever it is. no matter how much we said. on the end of the day. no one will boycott the other. it is simply like that.

            Israel is not special .. they have been exiled out from there by god command… Palestine land have been granted to them by the British in 1917 by the Bilford agreement. were british have no right to give someone else land to other. Hamas is just a shield for israel to keep going on there agenda. Hamas have been created because israel. if not what israel used to do on the Palestinian, from killing, and destroying there houses. Hamas will never exist. If ya all hated Hamas or not. If they are terrorist or not. They are Israel Made.

            1: Turkish Protected Jewish when Hittler was killing them.
            2: Muslims Allowed Jewish to live with them, when they have went out from Spain. Jewish went with them ( Why you think ? )
            3: Jewish in the past always used to live where Arabs and Muslims live. ( Why u think ?)

            Those ones worth more than what ya all said. We are the one that always protected the Jewish, When European and Christians were killing them across the history. If not us, Jewish they will not be exist. as they are now. they should be thanksfull for us. that we are always were there for them. if ya all don’t know history, go and read it. Iam not making it up.

            ya all say Muslims are bad. give me one black dot about muslim back in history, and i said history. Don’t tell me about 9/11 Cuz those who have done it, we are ashamed of them, and we do not consider them as muslim, nor it is our religion teaching. ya all labeled all muslims about terrorism. when who have done are a punch of sick ppl.

            1: Do you see us calling All american Terrorist ? Cuz KKK they were killing all Black ppl ?
            2: Do you see us saying German Are Terrorist ? Cuz Hittler Killed Most Jewish?
            3: Do you see us say American are Terrorist, cuz they Nuke Japan. twice.
            4: Do you see us say Australian are terrorist? cuz they killed the original Australian.
            5: Do you see us say Christians are terrorist Cuz the Vatican have killed so many ppl across the history.

            Ya all labeling all Muslims about terrorism. when us Muslims are the most polite and respectful ppl In general.

            lets say tey are 1 Million Extremest in our religion. just for the sake of argument . When they are far by that number. but i wants to give huge number … Any way.

            lets say again they are 1 million extremest. Do you think they will represent the majority who are 2 Billion ? You do the math to see how much percent that it will be.

          • “and for those who say algebra is not from someone who is muslim. the need to check the name. and read Wikipedia about it.”

            …only to find that they are, in fact, right. “Check the name”? Only because the car is called “car” or “automobile” in English, it means that Karl Benz didn’t invent it? Because he called it “Patent Motorwagen”? Ridiculous. Do us a favor and go learn the history of mathematics.

            “when us Muslims are the most polite and respectful ppl In general.”

            “In general?” This is the most ludicrous statement I’ve seen the week. Muslims are seen on TV rioting and killing people whenever they feel insulted (or whenever they feel that Muhammad is insulted). One American has made some movie you don’t like? Let’s go assault an American compound in Libya! Yet when Muslims are doing the same things to, say, Europeans or Israelis or Americans, you don’t see Europeans or Israelis or Americans rioting and killing Muslims just because they feel offended by ridiculous Muslim speeches. We just accept your religious claims as ridiculous and laugh into your face. Anything else would be a waste of time, there are more important problems in this world than you.

          • Your text is not only incomprehensible, it even contains words that aren’t in any English dictionary that I know of.

          • I hope that the people who suck a child’s penis after circumcision do not have any moral footing to boast about achievements.

          • I believe if we practice kindness we can get better at it. Being such tough guys see what is happening to the Palestinian, & Iraqis. Take an humanitarian stand and be proud of your self. Read the Jewish Voice for Peace.

          • haha whr did u study ??? 0 a contribution by the muslim ??? ohh is math also a contribution from them ??

          • 0 is only the contributions of Muslims, and they are still producing 0 throughout the world. I wont miss em when we take em out

          • Ignorance leads to questions that stupid’s asks . Algebra is indeed an Arabic word. Algebra (from Arabic al-jebr meaning “reunion of broken parts”[1]) is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with number theory, geometry and analysis. In its most general form algebra is the study of symbols and the rules for manipulating symbols[2] and is a unifying thread of all of mathematics.[3]As such, it includes everything from elementary equation solving to the study of abstractions such as groups, rings, and fields. The more basic parts of algebra are called elementary algebra, the more abstract parts are called abstract algebra or modern algebra. Elementary algebra is essential for any study of mathematics, science, or engineering, as well as such applications as medicine and economics. Abstract algebra is a major area in advanced mathematics, studied primarily by professional mathematicians. Much early work in algebra, as the Arabic origin of its name suggests, was done in the Near East, by such mathematicians as Omar Khayyam (1050-1123).

          • why people arguing over this stupid Algebra… Since Arabs are so smart why don’t they go and create anti-missile system to defend themselves… sigh… its such a shame to compare Jews over Arabs… Arabs have a lot more population than Jews & they are just big mouth and no action… shame…

          • But no one is calling to boycott Muslim products so there’s no problem with algebra or any other product that came from the Arab world.

          • Sadly due to their backward nature, all they contribute today is Oil, Retrograde Ideology, and brutal violence.

          • Muslims are history’s biggest plagiarists…took unduely credit for other peoples achievements!

          • The origins of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians,[4][page needed] who developed a positional number system that greatly aided them in solving their rhetorical algebraic equations. …… from wikipedia

          • I studied at school of not too bad standing. Where I was told zero existed in ancient Egypt over 2000 years before Islam was born. At that time no Arabs or Muslims were in sight. To Europe zero came from India via the Arab world. So thanks for being go-betweens but don’t pretend Arab Muslims invented zero! Which school taught you the Arab Muslims invented zero?

        • one arab, not muslim..the islam religion started around 600 jc
          the onlything they invented is an imaginary country called “palestine”

          • algebra, modern medicine foundation, and some of disney’s products.. oh btw.. the vacuum theory too..

          • i just explained to you.islam did not exist when algebra was invented.he was an arab but not a muslim.go to school

          • This whole thread is hilarious. Who cares who invented what. These ‘inventions’ could have been made on any piece on land with as much funding as Israel has been getting over the last 66 years.

          • But dude, those stuffs were not recently developed or created. Its been madde from the jews before It was Israel.

          • So what. Unless you are trying to say that Jews are superior or something. Is that what you are saying? That Palestinians are not as smart as Jews? Brilliance can spark from anyone in the human race. Unless you are saying that Jews are …the superior race? this rings a bell.

          • Didn’t they label themselves as “Gods chosen people” ? Not too different from “The Superior Race” Superior arrogance is more like it.

          • so what if jews won prizes or invent stuff. even with a brilliant iron dome defense, they still shell and send children to the hospital. 1000 children. you think all the jewish inventors and nobel winners will be proud to be a jew? killing children? maybe should invent something new. the children bomber. since they are so good at it at the moment. child-friendly shrapnel with unparalleled accuracy.. 1000 children and counting. BRILLIANT . Give yourselves a clap.

          • yeah.. i know u people are genius and etc .. but plez stop killing the innocent children and people … plez plezz have some mercy .. they didnt do any mistakes

          • maybe the palestinians should send their rockets at you and your children’ and we will sit in israel and judje
            your actions and decisions. maybe you are saying that palestinian children are more important then israelis. what about the children in syria? or you dont really care…

          • HAMAS kills children by hiding their crude weapons in hospitals, schools, homes, & places of worship.. then have their propaganda machine ready to blame anyone but themselves for their problems.

          • this is the most idiotic propaganda rehearsal i herd 😀 If you repeat it enough, it will become true! 😉
            Gaza, the most dense populated area in the world, where doesnt matter where you go, there is a house. Where do you hide the weapons? In the sea? ( ahh no.. that its blocked too..)
            Ignorance its a bliss…

          • Given your point, maybe the Hamas devils should not fire rockets in the first place nor should they make people stay in buildings when IDF is warning them to get out ahead of time. What % of “deaths” are faked by HAMAS anyway?

          • I would like to see what you would do if everyday you lived in a land where there are IDF every corner, water every 2nd day, while the settlers have swimming pools.
            Electricity on and off.. while the settlers ( on the illegally living in palestinian territories) has electricity everyday.
            Referential streets for jews only, while palestinians cannot even visit their family funeral in other palestinians territory, unless passing trough a checkpoint ( if the guards are in good mood)
            You dont need to be a rocket scientist to understand that in Gaza, the most dense populated city, doesnt matter where you hide…you get hitted ( infact IDF bombed even hospitals and 2 UN buildings..)
            You keep repeating the propaganda… dont ask questions and look down… You will be happy the rest of your life.
            Ahh i forgot to say… never criticize Israel… you become instantaneously an anti semit

          • you’re a modern day nazi to be sure. if israel wanted they could easily destroy all people in “palestine” but they choose not to.

          • “Gaza, the most dense populated area in the world” Clearly you haven’t been to Singapore.

          • muslms treat children far worse, isis beheads them, tortures them, rapes them, syria gases them.

          • Yes. Babylonian, Persian, Mesopotamian are not muslims. And then came Islam f*ck up everything

          • funny how you guys switch to muslim or arab mode, depending what suits you. Probably most of the inventions made by jews are made by atheist and not believers. So what now? are they jews or not? 😀 You guys are pathetic haha

          • and so what? are you saying that if you are muslim you must die?
            many inventions made by jews are made by european or american jew which has nothing to do with the zionist israel and those inventors are most likely not even jew anymore.
            You ignorants mix up religion with genes. Not even knowing that most of the jews around the world never had any ancestors living in Palestine…

          • “Modern medicine”!? Modern medicine had to wait for the discovery of biochemistry. You can’t base modern medicine on elements (not the chemical ones) and humours.

        • Actually, Babylonian schoolboys used Pythagora’s theorem 1000 years before Pythagoras. Greeks are not known to have used bibliographical references. Much of our mathematics is from Mesopotamia from which Greeks learned it.

          • I believe that Pythagoras is credited primarily because of his proof. If I’m not mistaken, there’s no indication that Babylonians ever had one.

          • All prophets from Adam pbuh to Muhammad pbuh are muslims.. Islam is submission to the only one God. All prophets prophets bring the same teaching thus they’re all muslim.

          • and yet the weak allah cannot destroy Israel and their 7 million citizens. wow. muslms get their asses stomped every time in their wars against the just people on the planet. Stomped. any time muslims murder they shout ‘allah is great’ seems about all allah is good at, killing women and children and innocent people.

        • No but they are casually invading Palestine and no other government has the balls to tell them to stop. America is literally their dog

        • No, Israel is trying to keep virtually everything useful out of Gaza. It requires major P(s)OS to prevent humanitarian aid in the form of Dr. Mads Gilbert from returning and maintaining recuperative continuity among those injured by Israeli hate.

      • Most if not all muslim inventions are conquests, not really inventions. This means invented in a culture later dominated by “the religion of peace”.
        Hate are the only thing possible to harvest from islam. (and of course a mountain of dead bodies). by the way, what’s the latest number? 270 millions? 300 millions?
        and still, the retarded “che” fans does not see the problem!!!

        • The only Muslim-invented achievements of 20th century is self-exploding people and total hatred. That’s all they can suggest.

          • Yes! Explosive Vest! Suicide Bombers are greatest inventions & legacy of Islam! The Religion of Peace??? of Muslims, how pathetic if you are a MUSLIM!

          • Zionist Einstein made nuclear bomb to murder people – and it was first of his invention that was dropped on Hiroshima.

          • Murder people???? You Muslims are the most Murderous people even without Nuclear Bombs! Syrian Civil war, less than 3 years, 170,000 people killed plus counting, soon it will exceed people killed in Hiroshima. Muslims vs. Muslims, Shiites vs. Sunnis, killing each other & you boasting your religion of PEACE? that’s not peace, that’s DECEPTION!

          • “soon it will exceed people killed in Hiroshima”
            Yeah, and you murdering bastards did that in a few milliseconds.

          • O yeah, we did that!???? How about you open your empty mind to group & what they’re doing the likes of Al-queda, Hezbollah, Taliban, HAMAS, Fatah, ISIS, Al-Nusra, etc. to name a few or more, they are all MUSLIM or ISLAM-inspired group, ZERO Zionism connections!

          • Well to be honest, both Osama and the ISIS head are ex CIA, trained by Mosad.
            Still dicks though.

            See their weapons?!.. where do u think they got them?!..
            ISIS is made in USA n Israel!.. so they keep on having reasons to fucked up Arab countries!..
            Now.. ALL Arabs need to unite and reject both a$$ hole Devils called USA and Israel!…

          • Asshole! ISIS weapons are made in USA because its president Obama a damned muslim give to them thru Turkey, installed by muslim brotherhood & ISIS is funded by Sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, plus ISIS gets their weapons from most coward & inefficient Muslim shiites army of Iraq!

          • So you’re telling me if Muslims had an A-Bomb god forbid, they would just put it away in a locked vault and never use it?

            Ha! If Muslims had A-Bombs the world would be in ruins by now. The only luck we had during the cold war was that the US and Russia were civilized and NOT Muslim!

          • iraq/iran war 500,000 casualties. nobody cared. but Israel kills a couple hundred and the world has ‘concern’ lol

          • Wrong comment Bo! When Israel defend itself from attacks from HAMAS & launch an offensive to HAMAS rocket launchers accidentally killed civilians because HAMAS uses Gazan civilians as human shield & the world condemned Israel – the mainstream media such as BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera shows biased against Israel because these media outfit partially owned thru soverign investments by these Arab countries.

          • Einstein did not invent the nuclear bomb. Look it up.
            He did write a letter supporting its invention when the Nazis had overrun Europe, but after their defeat, he was adamantly against its being used.

          • Einstein did not intend on inventing the nuclear bomb. From Einsteins discoveries, a nuclear bomb was able to be developed. Regardless, if Einstein hadn’t discovered how the universe worked, someone else would have, Jew or not. This is a post about achievements and boycotting. Stick to the topic you Jew hating prick. Instead, make a comment on one of your achievements or contribution to the world, as a rebuttal. Oh that’s right.. you don’t have any, you miserable Muslim.

          • einstein: ‘Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal’

          • My brother, rest in sure knowing that nuclear energy was not “invented” in order to bring chaos to the world. On the contrary, it was developed in order to give the world a cleaner energy resource, for as you probably know, nuclear energy is much more effective then the energy produced from oil (regarding to the amount of energy produced per the amount of ‘fuel’ being used).Although, unfortunately, I have never met the great Albert, I’m pretty sure he was a man of peace.
            BTW: Einstein did NOT invented the atom bomb. He merely developed the theory behind it’s development, and as far as I know was completely AGAINST it’s manufacturing.
            BTW 2: Do you know who invented the dynamite, that ‘despicable’ invention which brought modern warfare to it’s current miserable present? DO you know what were his first intentions? And tell me please, do you know his heritage to the world?
            Read some:

            I hope you won’t accuse him for being a ‘zionist pig’ as well…
            Truely waiting an answer.

          • Bringing up the wonderful Jewish mind of Einstein is self defeating and highlights how little the Muslim world contributes to Science and progress

          • Einstein did not invent nuclear bomb. You should go to school instead of polluting internet with your hate and stupidity.

          • Don’t be so ignorant, as well as how much ignorance has been seen by others posting anti-Islamic stuff. Israel was only found in May 14, 1948, so what was it before? So don’t come on here with that bullshit with ‘fake’ nation Palestine, as Palestine has been around for a long time, and it had been shared by Christians, Jews and Muslims, so this is nothing about Islam. Yes, it’s a coincidence that the majority of the people in Palestine are Arab Muslims, but this battle is because of how the land of Palestine was taken and occupied by the people of Israel, just so facist-Europe could get rid of the Jews from Europe. If this had anything to do with Islam, then there’d be more nations involved. Secondly, how are leaders of Palestine suppose to sit their and agree to a ceasefire when they’ve got a blockade around them, Egypt closed their borders, and Israel will always refuse to open theirs. It’s a open-air prison, if you look at with without a clouded judgement. Most of the people may open the newspaper and read the wrong stuff. People do your research before you talk, don’t open a newspaper or watch the news and become the know it all of the situation, because half of the time, you get false information.

            Funny thing is, we are taught to contribute to progress, and take part in education rather than being narrow-minded. I’ll repeat, do your research before you comment on anything. Before people say I haven’t done research, I took time writing this comment just making sure my point is not invalid.

          • yeah, funny, how’d that jewish temple get there if the jews hadn’t been there before. learn history oh ignorant pie hole.

          • yeah that’s bullshit. First, does it matter what Einstein invented? Israel wasn’t even a country at that time….Second you should really study a bit more your history if you ever want to argue with an israeli…. PS: no I’m not israeli or “Zionist” as you so eloquently put it

          • hahaha. how pathetic are you too if you can judge but you don’t know about Muslim. did you believe the suicide bombers a muslim? or maybe they pretend became a muslim? you act like a child !

          • First exploding vest / suicide bomber was by a Zionist who blew up a British army barracks in Palestine….

          • Self-exploding to save from savages like Zionists and radical Christians all of who keep invading, and stealing as well as murdering children and women

          • Zionists, Chrisitians, Hindus and now the most peaceful religion in the world Budhhists too Abbasi do you see a pattern? See I undertsand you can not go against your community and religion so you find blind reasons to support it. Its okay a bit cowardish but okay.

          • Zionists are peaceful? You’re having a laugh, aren’t you? Who’s the one who’s already killed more than a thousand Palestinians within 2 weeks? Who are the people who cheer at the missiles going into Palestine/Gaza? Muslims? No. Zionists? Yes. This battle for land is a genocide, not a defense, because Israel has enough defenses to protect itself, while Palestine doesn’t even have an army to defend itself.

            The only reason why you ‘think’ (emphasis on the word) that Islam is causing wars’ is because you are just one of those lazy people, who sits back on their chair and opens the newspaper to read the headlines.

          • Please find a quote in the Qu’ran and the Hadith that says, raping a child is allowed and clitorectomies is permitted?

          • I can quote more than one source in the OT calling the land that the Jews call israel belongs to them.

          • It is hadith which says Muhammed married ayisha at 6 and consumated the marriage when she was 9. According to Pakistan even Muslim women are evil and are to be treated as such. No better than a kafir or a pig.

          • Hey Sarfaraz, can you please refresh my memory by telling me who started the whole thing against Israel?

        • How many have you radical Christians killed in World War I / World War II / Korean War/ Vietnam War/ Iraq War / Afghan War/ Genocide in Rwanda / Bosnia … Must see your face in mirror and than talk to us!

          • Not me. But a mother fucker comes for me, I refuse to bow down. I will kill the SOB! Now suck that camel dick!

          • Are you calling me a radical Christian? that’s just to funny. I does not believe in any god, heaven or hell and despise all religions inclusive Christianity. Mixing political agendas with Religion like Islam does makes things outright disgusting.
            And do you really think that Religion was the motivation or even excuse for any of the examples you mention? The exception may be Bosnia but do we really know all facts about prehistory of that war? Media was extremely one sided.

        • Algebra is an Arabic word LOL — the field was preserved in books by
          Muslim mathematician “Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī”. Plus ‘0’
          were given by Arab Muslims as a contribution —
          without which things would come to stand still. Where did you stupids
          study? 😀

          • The word “sugar” in english is derived from the arabic word “sukkar,” does that mean muslims introduced the world to sugar? Look up Diophantus. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi translated ancient Indian and Greek texts, commented on them and introduced them to Arab Muslims. I have a feeling there is much concerning reality that you have been mislead about, which would explain why you feel the way about Israel that you do.

          • You can keep your 0. The fact that you see this as the pinnacle of Muslim achievement shows how ossified and backward your culture is.

          • If Arabs did not become muslims, there would be nothing to “preserve”. They would continue to be one of the most advanced races and would not live in “peaceful islamic world” as they do now.

          • Ohh great invention. What he basically did was to give the works of Babylonian, Egyptian and Greek matematicans a Arabic name, and republish then under his own name. I am impressed ;o)
            Where I studied? A place free from Flees, Lice, Sand and Camels

        • The problem with you people is that you think you see the truth while in fact you are so blindfolded you can’t see anything!

          Using your own logic, Americans are nuclear weapons usurers, Germans are followers of antisemitism, and Japanese are mercenaries!

          OK, let’s think logically, Islam is a religion whose adherents exceed 1.2 billion people! Do you really think a religion like that can be judged on the actions of some irrational radical islamists?
          If you really think so, or if you think that only radical islamists are real followers of Islam and the rest of muslims know nothing about “real” Islam then I congrat the western media for succeeding in washing your brains to the point you ended up under their hypnosis!

          Prophet Muhammad once said: “A woman got into Hell-Fire because of a cat whom she had tied, and thus it could not eat, and she did not let it free so that it could devour the insects of the earth, until it died.

          If killing animals was forbidden in Islam, then how about human lives?

          • A religion can easily be judged by the books those naïve enough claims to follow.

            Both the Bible and the Quran are nothing but a waste of paper. (I have not read any Jewish equivalent, but does not expect any more from those)

            As for Islam`s view on killing people:

            “The Jews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace of Medina (it is still its marketplace today), and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men. As they were being taken in small groups to the Prophet, they said to one another, “What do you think will be done to us?” Someone said, “Do you not understand. On each occasion do you not see that the summoner never stops? He does not discharge anyone. And that those who are taken away do not come back. By God, it is death!” The affair continued until the Messenger of Allah had finished with them all. —Al-Tabari, Vol. 8, p. 35,”

            Does this indicate that Muslims does not view Jews as neither human or animals? after all these ghastly deeds are performed by the man they call “the most perfect human”

        • cmon friends please dont hurt some ones religion feelings, i am christian in faith and i know many muslims who are very good in heart and who knows the true meaning of being a muslim…. Those who spread terror is not a muslim at all…. unfortunately they belonged to a muslim country who has just ignored the true meaning of it… those people are creating a problem everywhere… and if u notice high rate of ignorance exists there and a few are utilising it…. that is wht happening in those countries….. Because I had people working with me belonged to those affected region who by heart never liked this war or fight, but they are helpless too. they have told me once that at the gaza area, bth israelis and palestians are good to each other… due to some tension created by some others this sparked…. but they are still unknown abt this situation and it was a group frm palestine started this by suicide bombers etc later things are history… as u know israel forces are powerful thts why all the muslims are supporting palestine. I am not supporting the war but i asure if all the muslim countries ignore this palestine, I asure there would be no war and they will not dare to do these terrorist activities…. for better understanding see wht happened in afghanistan, they never supported osama and alqaeda… but due to their ignorance they were forced to believe its a holy war… and what happened to them…… Sorry if i have hurted anyone …. but do understand things first before throwing allegations…. i am an Indian… Ignorance isnt a crime but due to ignorance if its creating terror then its time to stop.. instead of war just better just ignore one of them the war will stop of its own…. why dont u all understand palestians, syria etc is trying for a world war… another world war… try to understand that… its not muslims… only a group is doing it … we have to stop that group….

      • Does it matter? Can algebra help win the war?

        If they want to war, then war. Stop crying for help, or asking people to boycotting enemy. Take their man and bring them to fight, that we call Hero. We don’t ask the world to boycotting when we lose the war. That is a jokes. No other people will join the boycotting, but laugh at them.

      • You don’t know what you’re talking about. It was Arab culture that had anything to do with algebra, not ‘Muslim’ per se. In fact once Islam set root firmly, no more innovation by Arabs. Islam killed innovation. The more Islamic a Muslim becomes, the less creative the idiot.

      • Islam started around the 7th century. Algebra is estimated to exist already in the 1st millennium BC… your statement is a little ignorant.

      • Muslims make some great Falafel, Baba Ganush, Shish Kebab, Coffee, they should stick to that. Islam/Muslims monopolized death/killing.

      • It would be very surprising indeed the primitive, illiterate tribes from the Arabian desert would have been able to invent anything. The only “wisdom” they showed was to have absorbed and capitalized on the inventions, advancements, progress

        • etc. of the many civilizations they have attacked, conquered, enslaved and occupied. Interestingly when their conquest-spree came to a full stop they all of a sudden were unable to produce or contribute anything to humanity and ever since..some 1000 years of complete sterile darkness!

      • jews bulshit lol
        I’m not a Muslim but the question is whether all this there is no Halgibrh was invented by Arabs? Or electricity invented by Christians? Is Einstein was there no electricity? What is this nonsense? I start talking that Jews were not born with knowledge, but studied in Christian schools? Forget So let’s say that all nations there while the Jews were working on technology with extrusion enough lol this I do not want to start counting things of Christians….

      • so, you think they ‘invented’ Algebra.
        Take a look at the list by the way and PLEASE boycott Israel–DONT be a hypocrite.
        You shouldnt even be on the puter, its a Jew thang

      • I never heard that Israel would have called for a boycott of Arab and/or Muslim goods and/or people. Xavier just implies that others must be as stupid as those calling for a boycott of Israel and/or Jews. Xavier, wake up!

    • This is not our product,history is evident how Jews hated Muslim following their adulterated scriptures specially,Talmud. The chief Jew products are treachery,hatred,superiority complex,imperialism,conspiracies, etc. etc.

      • Jealousy is a terrible thing. 20% of Nobel prize winners are Jewish (although we are only 0.2% of the population). The creativity and intelligence of Jews is boundless. Their contribution to all human endeavours, including science, literature, economics,medicine and maths is incredible.

    • Where to begin?

      Modern soap production is more akin to the produuctr of the Muslim world which uses vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide and aromatics. Also shampoo was introduced to England in 1759 by a Muslim who opened Mahomed’s Indian Vapour Baths on Brighton
      seafront who was appointed Shampooing Surgeon to Kings George IV
      and William IV.

      Jabir ibn Hayyan, in late 8th and 9th century Iraq “is credited with the use of over twenty types of now-basic chemical laboratory equipment such as the alembic[29] and retort, and with the description of many now-commonplace chemical processes – such as crystallisation, various forms of alchemical “distillation”, and substances citric acid (the sour component of lemons and other unripe fruits), acetic acid (from vinegar) and tartaric acid (from wine-making residues), arsenic, antimony and bismuth, sulfur, and mercury[27][28] that have become the foundation of today’s chemistry.”

      Al Jazari in 12th and 13th century Turkey same out with the camshaft, the crankshaft, many devices including waterwheels and similar automatons that give him a claim to “Father of Robotics”. He came up with both the first flush toilet and the combination lock.

      Abu al-Qasim al-Zahrawi in 10th and 11th Century Spain gave us a whole array of surgical instruments. specialized in curing disease by cauterization. He invented several devices used during surgery, for purposes such as inspection of the interior of the urethra, applying and removing foreign bodies from the throat, inspection of the ear, etc. He is also credited to be the first to describe ectopic pregnancy in 963. It was he who discovered that catgut used for internal stitches
      dissolves away naturally (a discovery he made when his monkey ate his
      lute strings).His scalpels, bone saws, forceps, fine scissors for eye surgery and many
      of the 200 instruments he devised are recognisable to a modern surgeon.

      The first practical windmills with sails that rotated in a horizontal plane, around a vertical axis was invented in Persia in the 9th century.

      Fountain pen 10th century demanded by an Egyptian sultan.

      Ali ibn Nafi, 9th century Cordoba. Invents the three course meal (soup, meat, dessert) with crustal glasses to serve drinks.

    • Wouldn’t be drinking coffee in the west if it wasn’t for the Arabs…..The Arabs were well advanced in the sciences, literature and the arts when Europeans were still living in caves and shitting in the streets..

    • jews bulshit lol
      I’m not a Muslim but the question is whether all this there is no Halgibrh was invented by Arabs? Or electricity invented by Christians? Is Einstein was there no electricity? What is this nonsense? I start talking that Jews were not born with knowledge, but studied in Christian schools? Forget So let’s say that all nations there while the Jews were working on technology with extrusion enough lol this I do not want to start counting things of Christians…

    • אסון רודף אסון, מוות מיותר שזועק זעקה אילמת. אם זו תרבות הדחיפות, אם זה אסון הטביעות ואם זו שפיכות הדמים המיותרת והמרושעת ברשתות החברתיות. ואם מישהו כאן לא יתעורר, ולא יקח על עצמו את האחריות הציבורית הדרושה, על מנת לשפר החינוך של צניעות בנות ישראל, בגיל צעיר, ע”פ דעת תורתינו הקדושה, זה יכול ליגמר חלילה בעוד שורה של אסונות מיותרים שצפויים לנו ח”ו. ברגע שאשה סוטות הן מדרכי הצניעות, ולא מקדשות את גופן לבעליהן בלבד, מרחיקות הן את הגאולה, ומרבות פריצות וניאוף בעם ישראל. וברגע שמתנהגות הן כיאה לבת מלך, ושומרות את יופיין לבעליהן. מרבות הן קדושה בעם ישראל, משרות ברכה בתוך ביתם, ומקרבות את הגאולה.

      ולא כאן המקום לפרט את כל הנקודות שטעונות שיפור משמעותי אצלינו בצניעות. אבל האדישות שפושה בציבור, לצד אנחות של “אוי ויי”, והנה, ממשיכים הלאה, כאילו כלום לא קרה כלום, ואז גם לא משפרים הצניעות, זה אסון גדול שצריך תיקון גדול. היופי שלך, זה הצניעות שבך! שכל אישה שהולכת בצניעות, היא כמו יהלום בתוך ערימה של חול!

      אם אישה תחשוב פעם או תגיד “בעלי רצה שאלך שלא בצניעות”, בעולם הבא יאמרו לך: “האם באמת הלכת בשביל בעלך, בבית, או בשביל שאחרים שיביטו בך, ואם זה בשביל בעלך, לא יכולת לקנות שמלה או בגד צנוע ויפה שימצא חן בעיניו ללבוש בבית?”. כי שם זה עולם האמת ושם אומרים רק את האמת! והעונש הוא כל כך גדול, שאי אפשר לתארו בכתב. ומה שלא עשו אושויץ הנעצים והציונים עשתה הפאה נכרית הלטאים של הבני תיייייירה. גדול מחטיא מהרג “ברוך שלא עשני אשה”!!! פאה נכרית מעגיל. כל אשה שלובשת פאה נכרית מקבלת גיהנום!!! ממש מ ז ע ז ע! הצרות בעם ישראל משום הפאה נכרית. ומהפאה נכרית מתחיל כל הצרות…

      לא לחשוב אפילו לרגע שלאשכנזיות מותר פאה, כי כל הפוסקים האשכנזים היודעים לפסוק הלכה נכונה (ולא כמו המיקל בכל דבר שבקדושה כמו איש הידוע פאלק מאנגליה, בספר שלו המחריב הצניעות הנקרא “עוז והדר לבושה” שהוא גם קיים בזה “ותשחק ליום אחרון” שהמציא הלכות מהעצבע, והוציא ספר המחריב הצניעות בפרט בחו”ל, הוא עשה צחוק מהצניעות הנכונה, בכל העולם החרדי, הוא המציא הלכות מהאצבע, ולא מן התורה, ולא מהשולחן ערוך, אבל אנחנו חייבים לתחזק בצניעות ע”פ פסקי השולחן ערוך!!! כמ”ש גם אסרו את הפאות של ימינו! ולמה שלא יחושו להחמיר בדבר כזה חמור. ואף בפאה וכובע ראוי להחמיר. אני חושבת שהגיע הזמן, שבעזרת השם לא יהיו עוד מקרים לא טובים,

      בוקר טוב עולם, זה הזמן להתעורר, המשיח בפתח.

  2. I support Israel…but this article struck me as maybe not being so factual. I believe most technology advancements & production sprang from silicone valley.

    • there are a lot of products out there you know.. no one said that Israel developed everything on the planet… the things that were mentioned here are good enough..

    • Actually, Israel has been on the forefront of a lot of technological and scientific breakthroughs. They have an extremely strong scientific and technological community. They just don’t get the publicity Silicon (not silicone) Valley does.

      • Are you even reading what you’re typing? I waiting for one of you to say my dad is bigger than your dad. This is the mentality that’s costing innocent lives, you think if you big-up your country and what you have created will gives you protection?

        This is not the world cup you dumb fucks, this is reality, this is where someone you know may lose their life just so those in power can take more land, more petrol, more resources. DO YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO UNDERSTAND HOW PRECIOUS LIFE IS?. Can’t you see when you go, you go empty handed. Do you think those who are reaping all the rewards from all this terror are going to share it with you or one day they will decided you are not good enough to be in their society and toss you way like a rag?

        It’s no wonder this world is going to shit, it’s because of ignorant, illiterate twats like you. You are right, Israel has been involved in and created many of the things we use today. You know why? When you are down and you have nothing to lose that’s when you become the best you can be. The Arabs in most of the wealthy states regrettably have done fuck all, living off the rich land which has been sucked dry by America and Briton and probably Israel. Shame on you Arabs, because of your behaviour and greed others have been able to point a finger at us and put us down. I hope the horses, cars, big villas, kestrels, multiple women, yachts and whatever else you indulge in has been worth it!

        Israel, just like your day came where many of you perished, now it’s the time for the Arabs to suffer the the same fate. Israel, your time will come again where more and more INNOCENT people will die a horrible death.

        You retards on this site and many other sites who keep on comparing, cussing, wishing ill on each other, remember one thing, the strong never cares about the weak. Today you are supporting your nation, tomorrow your nation will find something new to fight and it may be you, you the child of that nation will be deemed weak and will no longer be wanted.

        I’m a Muslim and i have Jewish friends, how is that even possible you ask? It’s called being civilised you should try in some time, you’ll be surprised we are all human.

        Until you and I try being civilised there will be no peace. Government will keep on using us to fight their war while they and their families hide in sheltered accommodation or safe havens to see another day. You and your family will be those dead on the street.

        Until we humans respect each other, we will carry on behaving like you animals. I personally would rather meet in the park with you where we can watch our kids play. But whiles you behave in this manner, believe and feel they way you from behind your screen, i wonder what you will do if we meet on the battle ground because it seems that’s where more innocent people will die. I’d like to see if you’ll compare who’s the daddy then!

        • …what the hell are you talking about? We were discussing Silicon Valley vs Israel, and the inventions and scientific advances created and developed by each. Your arguments seem to actually attack each other like…wait a second…. You’re either an idiot, or a troll. Which is it?

      • I wonder though, how long the list of arabic inventions will run. Are you willing to give up the use of numerals, for example?

        • Are you sure that was a Muslim invention, or were the Arabic umbers we
          use today invented by an infidel dhimmi, as so many inventions credited
          to the “Golden Age of Islam” were? Oddly enough, what we call “Arabic
          numbers” aren’t used in Egypt or Jordan. These are:

          ١ = 1
          ٢ = 2
          ٣ = 3
          ٤ = 4
          ٥ = 5
          ٦ = 6
          ٧ = 7
          ٨ = 8
          ٩ = 9
          ٠ = 0

          They don’t look very much like the numbers I used in school. If you have to go back that far to find an Arab invention, then the contest is already lost.

          Many cultures pre-dating the “Golden Age of Islam” also had numbers– I’m sure that we would have something to use for a number system without Arabic numbers (which aren’t used in Arabic-speaking countries…

          • You even reading what you’re typing? I waiting for one of you to say my dad is bigger than your dad. This is the mentality that’s costing innocent lives, you think if you big-up your country and what you have created will gives you protection?

            This is not the world cup you dumb fucks, this is reality, this is where someone you know may lose their life just so those in power can take more land, more petrol, more resources. DO YOU HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO UNDERSTAND HOW PRECIOUS LIFE IS?. Can’t you see when you go, you go empty handed. Do you think those who are reaping all the rewards from all this terror are going to share it with you or one day they will decided you are not good enough to be in their society and toss you way like a rag?

            It’s no wonder this world is going to shit, it’s because of ignorant, illiterate twats like you. You are right, Israel has been involved in and created many of the things we use today. You know why? When you are down and you have nothing to lose that’s when you become the best you can be. The Arabs in most of the wealthy states regrettably have done fuck all, living off the rich land which has been sucked dry by America and Briton and probably Israel. Shame on you Arabs, because of your behaviour and greed others have been able to point a finger at us and put us down. I hope the horses, cars, big villas, kestrels, multiple women, yachts and whatever else you indulge in has been worth it!

            Israel, just like your day came where many of you perished, now it’s the time for the Arabs to suffer the the same fate. Israel, your time will come again where more and more INNOCENT people will die a horrible death.

            You retards on this site and many other sites who keep on comparing, cussing, wishing ill on each other, remember one thing, the strong never cares about the weak. Today you are supporting your nation, tomorrow your nation will find something new to fight and it may be you, you the child of that nation will be deemed weak and will no longer be wanted.

            I’m a Muslim and i have Jewish friends, how is that even possible you ask? It’s called being civilised you should try in some time, you’ll be surprised we are all human.

            Until you and I try being civilised there will be no peace. Government will keep on using us to fight their war while they and their families hide in sheltered accommodation or safe havens to see another day. You and your family will be those dead on the street.

            Until we humans respect each other, we will carry on behaving like you animals. I personally would rather meet in the park with you where we can watch our kids play. But whiles you behave in this manner, believe and feel they way you from behind your screen, i wonder what you will do if we meet on the battle ground because it seems that’s where more innocent people will die. I’d like to see if you’ll compare who’s the daddy then!

        • all u guys are funny. u talk about israels inventions and then about the muslims. if a muslim in a country like america invents something there is nothing like yes the muslims did it. if u talk about another country it would be a lot better. cause eduacation has nothing to do with the religion. u guys are just as bad as hitler. u think people are intelligent or not worth living cause of a religion. u dont even know the difference between muslims, salafists, zaratustra, islamists etc. fk religion its the biggest bullshit on earth only making trouble. bllsht

  3. Israel is right to defend its self, besides the Muslims kill more of their own people, alot more then Israel ever has so go Israel, you have the right to defend your self…………………………..johnny

    • defend from its own created-chaos? such a coward. is israel is a country or an organization because its is not stated in the world map. such a parasite that keeps burdening muslim. why you should bother if muslim kill their own?

      • Did you just ask why he should care about Muslims killing other Muslims? Since when is it weird to be displeased about people killing other? I don’t completely agree with him either, but you certainly didn’t make your point well at all.

      • I think you’re saying Israel isn’t a country because it’s not on the world map (your English is atrocious though, I’m assuming because you’re not a native speaker, but regardless of why, it makes it difficult to understand). However…uhh…Israel is on world maps. Maybe not YOURS, if it was published by Hamas, but on all other world maps, it’s definitely there.

    • “They killed 15 of us, let’s defend ourselves by killing 600 of them, yeah” Bullshit argument. This is ethnic cleansing, nothing else.

      • And still. After killing 600, the extremists still don’t learn and continue to throw suicide bombers at Israel while hiding their weapons in Mosques and schools. Nice… I wish the best for Israels cleansing. May it wipe the sick bastards off this planet while keeping the innocents out of the line of fire.

        • So if i come round your house and beat you with a big stick and take all your stuff, would you just sit there and go, well he has a big stick, i only have this little stick, i best let him take my stuff.. OR to show a point in history, when the Nazi`s came along and tried to wipe out the Jews, did they just take it or did they resist despite the difference force?

          I just cant get over how much of Israel’s actions mirror that of the Nazi`s its insane..

          • What the hell are you talking about? Your argument makes 0 sense. Hamas is attacking Israel daily with rocket strikes, and Israel makes retaliatory attacks. It’s horrible that some civilians have died because of those attacks, but if Hamas wouldn’t willfully and INTENTIONALLY place their weapons stockpiles and fire their rockets from civilian areas, the civilian deaths would likely be cut down to nothing.

            What the hell did Israel take from Hamas? And Israel isn’t trying to wipe anyone out, other than maybe Hamas, but hell, they deserve to be eradicated.

          • Israel took the country, the land and now treats its Palestinian people as 2nd grade citizens with huge restrictions on what they can and cant do compared to the Jewish people. Hamas fire little rockets, Israel respond with air strikes, shelling and tanks. its not a fair fight, its a stupid fight. Even the US would not be stupid enough lay down that kind of fire on a civilian populated target. If you want to take out legit Hamas targets then send in a spec-ops strike team. Palestine gave the Jews people refuge and in return the Jewish people took and spread and thats why we now have this war. i think Israel would love to see Palestine wiped out be more land for them.

          • Those little rockets you speak of are little because we fund defense for the CITIZENS of Israel while Hamas funds rockets/tunnels instead of funding education, roads, electricity… no wonder they are thought to live in a 3rd-world country.

          • I think you will find the US fund your arms, sold cheaply as part of lots of other dealings. Given the list of “stuff you invented” you might notice that its more stuff you build and export cheaply to the US, such as intel which is a US company. its all back handers to help US based markets grow. If you had no US backing you would also have nothing but sticks and stones, your whole country exists from US pressure into the UN to assign the land as Israel. You were forced from your homes and when someone offered you theirs you took it from them like squatters, then found the biggest bully in the playground to help you keep it for yourselves. This is why the world currently hates you.. Even the US and UN are starting to get tired of your murderous over the top retaliation. Your a young country that’s got too much power and wields it like a kid with a magnified glass. Even the Jewish communities around the world think your acting like a bunch of dicks. you could end this war with Hamas, give them back some of their land. Treat Palestinian people like humans and become a peaceful and modern country? But there is no profit in that right? not enough farm land? you might have to import? Then there is all the religion this is all hidden under. both sides are stupid in this war, both sides need to stop being violent and come to a permanent solution now.

          • I suggest you read the Hamas Covenant, it might cure your naivite. The
            Palestinian National Charter isn’t much better… they both advocate the
            destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews (Hamas is even more
            ambitious– they want to murder all of the world’s Jews).

            Hamas Covenant:

            Palestinian National Charter (1964):

            Palestinian National Charter (1968):

            Note: The main difference between the 1964 and 1968 versions of the PNC is the removal of Article 24 from the former:

            “Article 24: This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah [Jerusalem] Area. Its activities will be on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields.”

            The astute reader will notice that these are exactly the areas the Palestinians are now caliming for their country. What happened between 1964 and 1968? Administration of the areas went from Arab hands (Egypt and Jordan) to Israeli hands. What land did the PLO want to “liberate” before that?

            We call it “Israel”.

          • I get Hamas are just as bad, if not worse in their end goal. But they are not a threat to Israel really. Also meeting violence with violence is not always the solution, sometimes yes, but on the scale Israel are dropping bombs its not exactly proportionate.

            I also see the charters, it recognises that Arab leaders gave land over, but the people who lived in that land lost everything, because rather than just a change in ownership or state and everyone living in peace, Israel abused their new power and forced people from their homes. The ones that stayed are treated in much the same way as Black people were in the US. I’m not saying its one sided, but Hamas is a small force and all you do is bomb their cities. You need to act more responsibly to the actions of Hamas. Israel have one of the best Spec Ops in the world, why not use them to take out Hamas groups.

            Anyway, it needs to stop, there needs to be an agreement, a new agreement, with give and take on both sides. Hamas will lose support if Israel act accordingly, but keep just bombing the shit out of everything and killing children then all you are doing is losing in the long run,.

          • You really ARE naive. The first thing you have to do is stop assuming that you’re dealing with people of a Western culture who have more or less the same logic, values and ethics that you do. If you’re really a geek, imagine that you’re dealing with Klingons. That will give you some idea of the difference.

            Apparently you missed the part in the Hamas Covenant where they say negotiation is not an option. It takes only one party to make a war, but it takes two parties to stop one and make peace.

            Tablet magazine printed an article recently that might help:

            You can agree or disagree with the author’s conclusions, but don’t ever underestimate the power of “Arab pride”, “Arab honor” and “Arab humiliation”.

          • you are talking about just Hamas, not a whole people. Hamas are stupid, they do take that Arab pride crap to a stupid level and they need to be stopped. Bombing 600 people is not the way to stamp them out. it wont work, all you will do is get people to rally to their cause. Take the war out of it, remove the destruction of the average persons home and they will lose support. Then you can take out a group like Hamas by being smart.

            You only need one person to make war you need 2 to carry it on. But it only takes one to end it. one to offer terms, negotiate. Everyone says they wont stop, but that’s written in anger, people just want to live, they will, eventually see sense if you show them the way.

            Israel needs to use its power to show the surrounding Arab states that it is not all about war and bombs but capable of helping, trading and being a place of good. Until then people will rally to Hamas and it will continues to act like a moron.

          • Might I remind you that Hamas was electged to the Palestinian Authority government with a 75% majority?

            “But it only takes one to end it. one to offer terms, negotiate.”

            Here’s what Hamas says to that:

            “Article Thirteen:
            “Initiatives, and so-called peaceful solutions and international conferences, are in contradiction to the principles of the Islamic Resistance Movement. Abusing any part of Palestine is abuse directed against part of religion. Nationalism of the Islamic Resistance Movement is part of its religion. Its members have been fed on that. For the sake of hoisting the banner of Allah over their homeland they fight. ‘Allah will be prominent, but most people do not know.’
            Now and then the call goes out for the convening of an international conference to look for ways of solving the (Palestinian) question. Some accept, others reject the idea, for this or other reason, with one stipulation or more for consent to convening the conference and participating in it. Knowing the parties constituting the conference, their past and present attitudes towards Moslem problems, the Islamic Resistance Movement does not consider these conferences capable of realising the demands, restoring the rights or doing justice to the oppressed. These conferences are only ways of setting the infidels in the land of the Moslems as arbitraters. When did the infidels do justice to the believers?”

            As it turns out, the PLO is not any better, simply reiterating the same demands it made in 1993 in the first round of negotiations and rejecting any Israeli offer without even making a counteroffer. It always struck me as strange that the PLO assumed that it had the right to dictate conditions when it was the perennial loser. It always seemed to me like the idea of the Japanese dictating terms of surrender to MacArthur on the USS Missouri.

            So who exactly do you propose Israel talk to?

          • That is a fair point and as i said Hamas need to be stopped. The question is why did they get a 75% vote and its because they showed the most aggression towards Israel. They need to talk with the other surrounding Arab states, get them to apply an international pressure and remove Hamas from political ties (kind of like in Afghanistan) and come to terms for peace.

            The other option is all out war and that will be devastating.

          • Hamas got a landslide vote because people believed their claims that they would end the corruption of the Palestinian Authority, but it turned out that they’re even more corrupt than the PLO.

            “They need to talk with the other surrounding Arab states, get them to
            apply an international pressure and remove Hamas from political ties
            (kind of like in Afghanistan) and come to terms for peace.”

            I can’t believe how dense you can be. Are you trying to get more Palestinians killed? That’s what the result of resisting Hamas would be for the unarmed population of Gaza.

            “The other option is all out war and that will be devastating.”

            As long as Hamas keeps calling the tune of “no surrender”, do you have an alternative? In the past week, there have been three cease-fire offers on the table. Israel accepted all three, Hamas rejected all three.

          • People who live under Shariah or Muslim Laws are Pathetic! Israel is the only nation in the middle east that is democratic but others are ruled by abusive monarchs like Saudi Arabia, Jordan or tyrant dictators like Assad of Syria, Gaddafi of Libya which is now like Syria is in the state of civil war. All countries that have cursed ISRAEL are now reaping curses from God as the bible says, God will bless those people who will bless Israel but curses who curses Israel – see what happening to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, etc.

          • Hamas may not be made up of every single Palestine in existence, but governance of the Gaza Strip has been carried out by the Hamas administration from 2007 after winning the elections in 2006. As the elected rulers, they represent the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Now, if the Obama administration were to order missile strikes aimed at a neighbour…say Canada…would Canada listen if you said “it’s Obama attacking you, not America”? If a neighbouring country attacked your country with rockets, would you protect your civilians, or sit back and twiddle your thumbs?

            You make it sound so easy. ‘Take the war out of it’. But how? Go google Pallywood, look for the stuff they are indoctrinating Palestinian children with. What kind of mindsets would they have watching dross like that for their entire childhood? And you somehow thing it’s so easy. Genius.

            Yes, you only need one person to make war, because the other party has to retaliate in the interests of their citizens. Which sovereign nation will sit back and watch an enemy lob rockets at her citizens? It only takes one to offer terms? Look at the number of times Israel have offered terms, and look at the number of times the Arabs have responded by reiterating their ‘no negotiation’ stance. Davison is right. You ARE naive.

          • You are not buddy.. you have a good cause. A lawyer who uses technicalities to get a defendant out of a case can’t really claim he is installing justice. That’s exactly the case with many of whom you had a debate with on this blog. They are good lawyers, working so hard, to pardon a criminal. They may win sometimes, but not for long, as one day, evidence against their activities will be beyond reasonable doubt.

          • Technicalities? A good argument is made objectively and backed up with facts and logic. You clearly already have a stand. So back it up! I’ll give you the benefit of doubt regarding objectivity. Are you bereft of facts? Is that why you resort to calling facts ‘technicalities’? I’ll make it simple for you…just answer this question Ahmed. What makes his cause a good cause?

          • Stop being naive. The only terms Hamas would actually accept are the citizens of Israel leaving the country, and the Jews walking into the sea to die.

          • To the blood thirsty fascists who justify unnecessary killing for the sake of sedating Hamas: Out of the 750 Civilians you killed, how many were Hamas members? And how many were children and civilians? Did you accomplish your goals? Would Hamas go away? Once you get the results, and analyze them, answer yourself honestly, for god’s sake, do these numbers indicate a due and diligent use of force???

          • Oh now we’re facists because we don’t agree with you. Gnarly. Why were there so many civilian casualties? (1)Because Israel bombed them (2)Because Hamas tells their citizens to stay despite Israeli warnings. Both are equally culpable, it seems.

            Now why is Israel bombing them? Hamas is shooting rockets at their civilians.
            Will bombing stop them? Probably not
            So why bomb them? What else can Israel do…send in ground forces to minimise casualties? Done, cost the lives of some soldiers. So what else can Israel do? Seriously, Israel could release a bunch of doves as a sign of peace, and you would be condemning them for the bird shit.

            And why is Hamas telling their citizens to stay and die?
            (1) To protect their homes which is all they have left. And oh, which incidentally have weapons stockpiles inside, which Hamas is probably more interested in.
            (2) To give people like you an excuse to brand others facist….probably.

          • Until the dust settles, neither you nor I can know that.

            If you want to stop the unnecessary Killing, stop Hamas from firing rockets into Israel, period. Every rocket Hamas fires into Israel is a double war crime, and there will be a day of reckoning for that.

            About force: Hamas has sworn, in its Covenant, to kill all the Jews in the world. Does Hamas deserve consideration from the people it wants to murder?

          • ASSHOLE AHMED! HAMAS uses Civilians as HUMAN SHIELD! HAMAS are cowards they hide under civilian populations, under mosques, hospitals & schools! HAMAS ARE NOTHING BUT A BAD-ASSS MUSLIM TERRORIST THUGS!

          • Why should the Israeli response we proportional??? That makes no sense and the aggressor doesn’t learn to stop. Acts of Hamas or Palestinian terrorism should be met with an enormous force. The only reason anyone does anything in life is because they want to. They won’t stop until they don’t want to. Israel should supply the reason, make it unthinkable for a terrorist to attack Israel, make the Palestinians rise up against Hamas and anyone else who would threaten Israel. Don’t think for a single second that Israel wants anything more than to be left alone. There is no money, profit, resources, good press in anything having to do with the Gaza turmoil. Stop enforcing propaganda. If i’m holding a bazooka and you have a pea shooter, you probably shouldn’t point the pea shooter at me, dontcha think? That’s a reasonable person, however Hamas is pointing the pea shooter at Israel with the bazooka while standing behind women and children and firing at will… It’s the best example of blind stupidity and extremism ever seen in the world. And do not compare the holocaust to Israel, I don’t even think I really have to defend that one, it’s ridiculous… do actual research, stop being a mindless idiot, grow up…choose one or more of those 3 options.

          • The PLO charter was amended by the Palestinian National Council, on Israel’s request, in the presence of a US president. What has Israel done with that? A second and third redeployment per OSlo? No!, a credible second redeployment, as the US has suggested? No.. more settlements. In fact the building in Har Homa was commissioned around the time Palestinians changed their charter.

          • No, the PLO Charter has not been amended. The 1968 version of the Charter is still the one that’s valid and appears on the official web site of the Palestinian Observer’s Mission to the UN as the valid Palestinian National Charter.

            Yasser Arafat sent memos to Yitzhak Rabin in 1993 and to Shimon Peres in 1998, but the Palestinian National Council rejected the amendments both times. They also rejected the amendments a third time in 2012.

            Incitement in schools, media and mosques was not stopped. In fact, almost none of the conditions the Palestinians committed to in Oslo were fulfilled.

            Please don’t post outright lies, it insults everyone’s intelligence.

          • It is certainly not my intend to propagate lies, Michael. To the best of my knowledge, upon coming across David Ross’ memoir “The Missing Peace”, this charter was mended, and it was another yet opportunity lost by Bibi. I figured the reference below from Wikipedia would suffice. Oh, and You might argue that these amendments weren’t to your liking, or they lack good will, etc. But don’t contend that there wasn’t amendments.I also like to add that many in the Arab world fall for your mistake, where by looking for silly rhetoric to vilify their opponents, they have become more anti semetic than ever. And trust me, there is plenty of silly rhetoric on both sies.


            Yasser Arafat wrote letters to President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair in January 1998 explicitly listing the articles of the Charter referred to in the PNC’s 1996 vote. While this was seen as progress in some quarters, other Palestinian officials contended that the Charter had not yet been amended, and there were also reportedly discrepancies between the two letters.

            The operative language of Arafat’s letter to Clinton reads:

            The Palestine National Council’s resolution, in accordance with Article 33 of the Covenant, is a comprehensive amendment of the Covenant. All of the provisions of the Covenant which are inconsistent with the P.L.O. commitment to recognize and live in peace side by side with Israel are no longer in effect.

            As a result, Articles 6-10, 15, 19-23, and 30 have been nullified, and the parts in Articles 1-5, 11-14, 16-18, 25-27 and 29 that are inconsistent with the above mentioned commitments have also been nullified.[11][12]

            The articles identified by Arafat as nullified call for Palestinian unity in armed struggle, deny the legitimacy of the establishment of Israel, deny the existence of a Jewish people with a historical or religious connection to Palestine, and label Zionism a racist, imperialist, fanatic, fascist, aggressive, colonialist political movement that must be eliminated from the Middle East for the sake of world peace.

            Observers who had previously been skeptical of Palestinian claims that the Charter had been amended continued to voice doubts. In an attempt to end the confusion, the Wye River Memorandum included the following provision:

            The Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Central Council will reaffirm the letter of 22 January 1998 from PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat to President Clinton concerning the nullification of the Palestinian National Charter provisions that are inconsistent with the letters exchanged between the PLO and the Government of Israel on 9–10 September 1993. PLO Chairman Arafat, the Speaker of the Palestine National Council, and the Speaker of the Palestinian Council will invite the members of the PNC, as well as the members of the Central Council, the Council, and the Palestinian Heads of Ministries to a meeting to be addressed by President Clinton to reaffirm their support for the peace process and the aforementioned decisions of the Executive Committee and the Central Council.

            These commitments were kept, leading President Clinton to declare to the assembled Palestinian officials on 14 December 1998 at Gaza:

            I thank you for your rejection—fully, finally and forever—of the passages in the Palestinian Charter calling for the destruction of Israel. For they were the ideological underpinnings of a struggle renounced at Oslo. By revoking them once and for all, you have sent, I say again, a powerful message not to the government, but to the people of Israel. You will touch people on the street there. You will reach their hearts there.

            Like President Clinton, Israel and the Likud party now formally agreed that the objectionable clauses of the charter had been abrogated, in official statements and statements by Prime Minister Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Sharon, Defense Minister Mordechai and Trade and Industry Minister Sharansky.[13][14][15][16] With official Israeli objections to the Charter disappearing henceforward from lists of Palestinian violations of agreements,[17] the international legal controversy ended

          • The problem is that the Palestinian National Council hasn’t amended the Charter. It has refused to do so not once, but THREE times.

            Nothing can change that fact. The Arafat memos were never implemented, so today, they can’t be anything more than historical curios– interesting items that have no function.

          • you are such a big idiot…. Israel is the size of New Jersey… give what land back…sorry no. If the palestinians want land they should cease fire and petition the surrounding arab countries that are supposedly on their side for land, there is more than enough space in countries 10’s of times(and more) the size of the little sliver of a country that is israel.

          • The True country of these Palestinian ARABS is the TRANSJORDAN or the present day Kingdom of Jordan!

          • You’re obviously an idiot. Israel took nothing. The Jewish people were GRANTED the state of Israel by the UN, with strong opposition from the surrounding Arab nations.

            And I agree about it not being a fair fight. However, it’s not as if Israel started it. Obviously Israel has significantly stronger defensive and offensive capabilities than Hamas, but that doesn’t mean they should just ignore the constant attacks by Hamas forces.

            As far as taking out legit Hamas targets…well, they’re still in civilian areas, and there could potentially be even greater losses of life by a strike team going in. You think Hamas is just going to let an Israeli chopper fly in unmolested, drop off the team, wait around for the team to finish destroying the rocket launcher and any munitions they come across, reload the team, and depart? No, any incursion into Hamas territory would be met by resistance, and would likely result in even fiercer fighting, resulting in more military and civilian deaths.

            And Palestine never gave the Jewish people anything…hell, before, 1988 there WAS no Palestine. The State of Palestine was only created in 1988.

          • I know it was granted, but to a people that lived there for 100s of years to then be told that its no longer your home, get out or follow these new rules where you will be treated like lesser humans.. it must of felt like it was taken from them. The land grab of Israel is almost comical.


            Also i think you will find that Palestine became Palestine in the 1830`s when it detached from Syria.

            Then in the early 1900`s the British took it by force and then governed the region. After the wars, we gave up the mandate to govern and thats when the UN, under massive US pressure looked at turning it over Israel, which happened, then Israel, took control of 80% of the disputed region, the Lausanne Conference, and forced 700,000 people from their homes. This is why Hamas is pissed off..


            From the above link – “After the adoption of the UN Partition Plan and the end of the British Mandate, the Zionists proclaimed the State of Israel. During the Arab–Israeli War, the Jewish army took control of 78% of the land in Mandate Palestine. Some 700,000 Arab refugees were expelled by Zionist forces or fled in fear from territories allocated by the UN to the Jews, and later also from Arab-allocated territory, although many more were ordered to leave by the Arab League, with the promise that when the Jews were defeated, they would be able to take over the Jewish areas..[2] Palestinian villages were destroyed. Jewish immigrants took properties from the fled Arab refugees and moved into their homes.[3] The Government of Israel prevented the return of the refugees and blocked their banking-accounts”

            Sounds to me like they took quite a lot really..

          • Sure, the Palestinian’s lived there for 100’s of years. The Jewish people lived and ruled there thousands of years ago, and as far as I know, are the only surviving grouping of people (the Muslim and Islam religions weren’t even things back then, and no countries from that area existing back then are still in existence) to still exist.

            As far as Palestine, the Mandate of Palestine was a thing, sure…but that was created by Britain. That’s not exactly relevant here. For Palestine itself, I can’t find a single reference to a country named Palestine. There’s a REGION named Palestine, but that’s also not relevant.


            For what Israel took during the Arab-Israeli war…well, too bad. 5 other nations declared war on Israel, Israel won, and they claimed some of the territories. That’s ENTIRELY allowable, and has been for as long as there have been nations and wars. Hence the phrase “To the victor go the spoils”. You defending them is no different than saying that if the rest of Europe ganged up and invaded Germany today, and if Germany won, Germany should just turn the other cheek after the war and say “Bygones be bygones”. That’s completely unrealistic.

          • Your argument has defiantly moved me back to a more centred view, i was not defending them i was trying to suggest a reason why they are pissed off and why the are waging a war and why Israel just smashing the shit out of them is a bad thing. I concede on your to the victor goes the spoils, that is and i am sure will be a never ending cycle in history and you are right in the region vs country. The mandate is kind of relevant as without that, there might not have been anything from which to grant land and country to Israel. so its a foundation point in history i think.

          • So because the Jewish people were forced out of the area further back in history than the Palestinian people were, the Palestinian people have a stronger claim on the area?

            To be clear, I understand WHY they’re angry, but it’s not as if Israel and the Jewish people don’t have a strong claim to the area. Arguments could be made that their claim is stronger than the Palestinian claim.

          • Only when your dispositions are inclined towards Israel would their claim to a land, from 3500 years ago, be stronger. If you are neutral, and I don’t claim I am myself, you might find facts indicative of otherwise.

          • Only when your dispositions are inclined towards Israel would their claim to a land, from 3500 years ago, be stronger. If you are neutral, and I don’t claim I am myself, you might find facts indicative of otherwise.

          • so you think native americans should be given their land back too right as they were there oooh a very long time before columbus. Or are they not important enough? is it only israelis that have the right to claim land they left approximately two thousand years ago?

            This is shameful, if any group should be more compasionate of what it’s like to be annihalted it should be jews but instead they talk about the plight of the palestinians as if they were 2nd class citizens that don’t deserve a homeland. Would Scotland, If the Zionist had been given Scotland, have been happy to suddenly lose their lands? why are you surprised the palestinians would be upset. i know these words will be lost on those that think treating palestinians, a people that never killed six million jews so abominably for just being in the way of Israel’s expansion and resettlement of the area will feel little sympathy. Yet I will not forget the suffering of the jews, gypsies etc., in the holocaust. I know many jews that are just as appalled by what is going on. The jews of stamford hill do not support Israel’s action and they’re not the only ones. i work with a jewish lawyer who sympathises with the palestinians, although he thinks Israel should exist. Guess there will always be the hitlers, mugabe’s, israelis, polpots, etc. etc. in the world. Makes me think humankind should hand the earth over to the ants it’s so depressing.

          • It might be very possible that most todays Palestinian population are actually born from people sent in from the surrounding countries too dispute the Jewish claim of the area during the 40`ies.
            According to Mark Twain this area was close too deserted just 70-80 years earlier. so where did all these muslims come from, if not from Israels neighbors

          • You should also RE-CHECK your facts on where these “palestinians” come from by the way. Or how the Israelis coming from Eastern Europe got there homes there. They bought and paid for their land! OVERPAID! Historical fact! No grabbing of anything! These Arabs in the land were brought in from surrounding countries as the Jewish population starting regrowing in the area in the 1880s!

          • It is absurd if you want people to believe that a group of Europeans bought lands of an entire country, and even “overpaid” with a premium. For this argument to trumpet a known history of illegal settlement activity and land confiscations, there has got to something seriously flawed in that logic !

          • Well apparently you have never heard about the Peel Commission…the investigation into the claim that Jews coming from Central and Eastern Europe were forcibly taking land from the Arabs! Instead Arab war lords forced other Arabs off the lands and then sold collective plots to Jews. Then when the Arabs saw the progress of Jews in the land and started complaining saying they got bad land in the deal! Complete and utter hogwash! Now yes in recent years there have been Jewish immigrants illegally settling (in dirt plots I might add) and the government has turned a blind eye to it. The only real problem with that is that the IDF then bars the Arabs in the area from going into the territory because settlers are in it. However, Israel has been very good about dragging those Jews out of those lands!

          • I am quite familiar with it actually. And its findings don’t justify your claim that Ashkenazis bought the entire land on which Israel sits, neither does the Peel commission report negate my claim that you have, via illegal settlement activity, acquired a lot more than was assigned to you, in 1936, and 1947.

          • Good for him, he was a lying son of a b#$h who died few decades ago. Facts are facts, there is settlement activity, and land confiscations far beyond the 1947 partition plan, or the 1949 armistice line.

          • I don’t get who his lying would benefit since he was Pro-Hitler, Pro-Nazi, Pro-Holocaust and actually a Nazi collaborator, and deeply Anti-Semitic!

            I am not saying Israel doesn’t do ANYTHING wrong! But for a nation that is only 66 years old, they have accomplished much more in their civil and race issues faster than any other nation. Much faster than even the UK or the USA!

            What many people fail to realize is that there are many Arab-Israelis serving in the IDF that are flying airstrikes over Gaza as well! There are Arab-Israelis in the Knesset, Arabs who are not Israelis (living outside the walls) are allowed to attend the Universities in Israel! Including that hypocrite Omar Barghouti who studied for his advanced degree at Tel Aviv University instead of the many distinguished Arab Universities like Al Quuds!

            The mistake in reasoning is to paint the so-called “Palestinian” as some innocent peace loving group of people that are oppressed by the evil Jewish regime! They are oppressed! But by other Arabs and their own thinking! And BEFORE you try to paint me as some anti-Arab (which is also called Antisemitism) my circle of friends are predominately Middle-Eastern, and more specifically Palestinians!

            The sanctions exist because though there are Palestinians who do not fire rockets into Israel they allow the monsters who do! They support them and praise them! A better plan is necessary but Jewish and Israeli civilians security must be guaranteed first! Come up with a solution for that and then we’re all on the same page!

          • Ok, whenever you’d like to talk about the 800,000 Jewish refugees banished from all the Arab countries they lived in for millenia when Israel was founded, and restituting those families for their losses, let me know! But, Ottoman property deeds prove the land purchases happened and second, when you start multiple wars and lose, you don’t get to make demands or say what is and isn’t illegal.

          • Hinduism you fucking mongrel, 30,000 years of fucking civilization and fucking religion up your ass bitch. Stop talking shit like you know it all.
            And if so then we’re all fucking descendants of africans and the whole fucking world belongs to them. SIT DOWN NIGGU

          • Hinduism started in and around the area currently known as India…since when was that in the same area as Israel? Also, Hinduism started maybe 3500 years ago, not 30,000. The Jewish calendar, however, is currently on the year 5774.

            So…uhh…you were saying?

          • Hinduism started in 28,500 BCE according to the oldest hindu artifact found 3500 years ago (it’s probably much older, bro), You said the oldest group of people to still exist as far as you know.

            Shit by your logic the whole world belongs to Africa and even if not the group of jewish people you are talking about are Iraqi so if anything it belongs to Iraq.

            Good thing we’re not dogs and don’t rely on piss marks of “who was there first”
            It has been an arab domesticated area longer than anything else so your arguments are invalid.

            Also there is no proof of jewish residence in that area 5000 years ago even though you’ve demolished over 400 villages in search of such proof.
            Oh yeah, jacob didn’t exist 5000 years ago, neither did judaism, I would like 1 legit proof of such existence? None? Okay.

            History can be changed and unless there is a writing in something that can be carbon dated correctly (IE: paper, stone, wood etc.).

            Go talk your nonsense wherever the fuck you want bro, you can’t spew that garbage on a rational person.

            I just invented a religion that’s called herpaderpa, in my religion’s calendar the date is 15,892 and since I wrote it here, it must be true,

          • FYI — when moses led the Jews out of Egypt and after wandering in the desert for 40 years – god allowed them to enter the land of cannan (aka modern day palestine) so realistically the entire area was duly ordained by god as the land of the Jews. The only reason israel put as many restrictions on the residents was because it became apparent that any outside items of technology, oil, etc.. could be turned into weapons and used against israel. Had the PA maintained order and peace and fostered a community of tolerance then there would be no war. But Hamas has but one goal the total eradication of the Jews and the jewish state — sound familiar — how bout zieg heil. at least Hitler tried to disguise his disgust, hamas has put it right out there in the open… if the people of palestine would rise against hamas then the fighting would stop, the restrictions would be lifted, etc…

          • That map is a lie… There was never a palestine.. It was not called palestine… This is propaganda

          • R u a fucking idiot? Ok. you can call dibs on this. Then call that the holocaust never happened.

          • There WAS no nation named Palestine prior to 1988 (other than Mandatory Palestine which existed for about 28 years, which was a “geopolitical entity”, whatever the hell that means).

          • So the 2-3 Bedouin gangs Mark Twain wrote about after his visit i1868 (?) was still around hen the first group of Jewish refugees around 1880, and managed to reproduce enough to fill the whole area with potential suicide bombers?
            Ps a 5th pic should be added, without the ugly dark spots (cancer?)

          • I suppose it makes no difference to you that these four maps ae based on blatant lies.

            Map 1 shows Jewish-owned land in white and presents the rest of the Mandate
            in green as if it were ALL Palestinian-owned land. According to British Mandate records, 76% of the land in the Mandate was state land, so the green should be about 1.5 times the area as the white, then the remainder should be a different color with a notation that it was state land.

            Map 2 shows the partition plan that the Arab League in toto rejected, threatening to destroy the Jewish state before it could be established. These threats were delivered in the UN General Assembly chamber, among other places.

            Map 3 shows the division of land between Israel, Egypt (Gaza Strip) and Jordan West Bank) according to the 1949 Rhodes Armistice lines. Remember that on the
            day after its establishment, Israel was attacked by five Arab armies and Palestinian irregulars with these “lofty goals”:

            Haj Amin al-Husseini said in March 1948 to an interviewer in a Jaffa daily “Al Sarih” that the Arabs did not intend merely to prevent partition but “would continue fighting until the Zionists were Annihilated”. Benny Morris (2008). 1948: a history of the first Arab-Israeli war. Yale University Press. p. 409

            “This will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.” Secretary-General of the Arab League, Azzam Pasha,. (Akhbar al-Yom, Egypt, October 11, 1947; The New York Times, 15 May, 1948; quoted in David Barnett and Efraim Karsh, “Azzam’s Genocidal Threat,” Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2011)

            “If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea… Even if we are beaten now in Palestine, we will never submit. We will never accept the Jewish state… But for politics, the Egyptian army alone, or volunteers of the Muslim Brotherhood, could have destroyed the Jews.” – Hassan al-Banna, Muslim Brotherhood founder (New York Times, August 2, 1948)

            “In demanding the return of the Palestinian refugees the Arabs mean their return as masters, not slaves, or to put it more clearly – the intention is the extermination of Israel.” – Salah al-Din, Egyptian Foreign Minister (Al-Misri, Egypt, October 11, 1949; quoted in Harris O. Schoenberg, A Mandate for Terror: The United Nations and the PLO [Shapolsky Books, 1989], p239)

            Anyone who embarks on a war of extermination and fails has no right to cry about it. The decision to go to war was an Arab decision, not an Israeli one. When five national armies and a unit of irregulars attacks a single country with the declared objective of annihilating the population of that country, they have no right to complain that they lost territory. In fact, Egypt and Jordan gained territory. Why didn’t Jordan and Egypt make the West Bank and Gaza a Palestinian state? Wasn’t 19 years enough time to do so?

            Look at it another way– if you were to bet all your possessions in an honest card game against the chance of doubling your assets and lost, who is to blame? Is it you or is it the person who won the game? The Arab concepts of “pride” and “honor” consider the loss to “the Jews” as a humiliation, a stain on Arab honor, and their culture will not allow them to rest until that stain is removed, even if it takes centuries.

            Map 4 deliberately shows only Area A and not Areas B, which the Palestniian Authority also controls, except for security.

            These maps are far from presenting “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

            The truth is that the Arab world feels “humiliated” that they made the bombastic boasts they did, not only in 1948, but in 1967 as well, only to be defeated by Israel. “Arab honor” and “Arab pride” is incapable of letting this rest and accepting the defeat– “pride” and “honor” demand no peace until the “humiliation” is washed away.

          • This image is fake. Unfortunately whoever created that picture knows that most of pro-palestine activist or just people who have nothing to do with Israel will see that and immediately will find them guilty (like they need another reason). The point is that this pic is FAKE. It was never so. If anything, before Israel 80% of the land where the Palestinians set is now belongs to Jordan. And Jordan Kicked them out. You see, their own brothers didn’t want them. But they will never go against their one.

          • This map is complete bullXXXt, until the 1946, there was nothing “Palestinian”. Most of the green part wasn’t settled at all and definitely wasn’t “Palestinian”. Between 49-67 the west bank was Jordanian and Gaza was under Egypt control in those years nobody even imagined giving it to so cold “Palestinians”. Only after the victory of Israel in the 67 war, the arab nations decided to support a “Palestinian” country, just as a way to fight Israel.

          • This map is complete bullXXXt, until the 1946, there was nothing “Palestinian”. Most of the green part wasn’t settled at all and definitely wasn’t “Palestinian”. Between 49-67 the west bank was Jordanian and Gaza was under Egypt control in those years nobody even imagined giving it to so cold “Palestinians”. Only after the victory of Israel in the 67 war, the arab nations decided to support a “Palestinian” country, just as a way to fight Israel…

          • I don’t want to get into the argument in depth except to make one point:
            Most palestinians do not have origins in the area. Their surnames are things like ‘al-somewhere’ (meaning from somewhere, and the somewhere mat be Jordan, Lybia etc). Even the Hamas leaders are likewise as foreign as Israel. (source: ‘Son of Hamas’ written by the son of one of the top Hamas leaders).
            If you go back even further, Arabs took this whole area by force in the first place anyway, destroying the local populations or forcing them into an exorbitant lower class status that pays a thug-like tax to an institutionalised protection racket. I am not an Israeli fanboy, but there are serious fact being overlooked by the pro palestinian propaganda machine.

          • 100s of years? Are you joking? Look up what the population numbers were. NO ONE lived there! Read about what Mark Twain said about it when he visited. Jerusalem had a total population of maybe 15,000 or 20,000 AT THE MOST in the 1800s. No one lived there until western technology made its way (with Jews returning to the holy land) and the Ottomans encouraged it. Then the economy grew substantially. Fast forward to 1948… there are records of hundreds of people who had moved there about 3 months or less before the war who then became “refugees” because the Jordanians, Egyptians etc would not take those people back.

          • Your knowledge is weak, the initial division of 1947 was made so that where jews lived would become israel. They moved very little amounts of population. Furthermore you should know that in 1917 the english government in “palestine” stated that part of “palestine” should be given to jews and palestine didn’t even exist, none of the countries you can see in the 1947 plan existed. So if you want to play the “who deserves this land” game then it definetly goes to israel. Now I’m not saying that the fact that they took over all the “palestinian” is justified, in fact they should give it back, but let’s remember ourselves who started the war in 1947

          • That’s cute. So if I punch you in the face, but could have ripped your head off, does that mean I was justified in punching you in the face?

            As for who taunted whom, even the US state department reported that there is no evidence that Hamas coordinated the killings of the three children. If the death of three children warrants this, then I wonder what the proportionate response would be for Israel.

          • First, there’s a little difference between you punching me in the face with your little girly arms, and Hamas launching rockets into Israel’s borders which get intercepted by the Iron Dome. You punching me would have the same effect as a light breeze blowing past my head, whereas Hamas constantly launching rockets into Israel, regardless of their effectiveness, is an act of war.

            Second, “Even the US state department”? Because they’re the authority on all things? Cool, I wasn’t aware of that.

          • The land was stolen. You’re the idiot. Just because the UN backed it due to amplified Jewish sympathy at the time, doesn’t make it any less stolen land. They forcibly evicted tons of Palestinians and made it a Jewish state, as well as expanded their territory. Just stop kidding yourself… Israel has been in the wrong for 4 decades and the international community (sans brainwashed Jewish citizens, and their political supporters) have known this the entire time.

            Also, you’re not on the field, nor are you a general, stop pretending you actually know what you’re talking about as far as theory crafting battle scenarios. It’s beyond cringe worthy…

          • If it was stolen from anyone, it was stolen from the British, who owned/ran/whatever it, as the British Mandate. However, they agreed as part of the UN, to split the territory up into what is now Jordan and Israel. And as far as expanding their territory, THAT only happened after the 6 Day War, when 5 surrounding countries all attacked Israel, and all lost. Maybe they shouldn’t have ganged up on the little guy?

            As far as theory crafting battle scenarios…yeah, I forgot how well loved IDF forces are in Arab territories. Obviously they would have been welcomed with open arms, and allowed to safely disarm the rocket turrets. And the Hamas forces that had been manning the turrets would have just ran away, because hey, that’s what they do. What was I thinking?

          • U.N. General Assembly adopted a resolution recommending the adoption and implementation of the Plan as Resolution 181. The partition plan was NEVER implemented and therefore they were never granted the state. The state was created unilaterally and by force and terrorism.

          • Okay, first things first.
            Israel was granted 55% of palestine not all of it and the palestinians did not resist for the first 6 months of the take over so yes israel did start it, if they didn’t their half a million population protected by 40,000 military men would have been annihilated by a 1.5 million population and the bigger army (if palestine was prone to war an had an army, which they didn’t).

            Second, If Israel wished to take Hammas out they wouldn’t beat children, take pictures of sniper scopes zoomed at children’s heads and could also do so with their overwhelming force and ,as this article suggests, their superior intellect. Yes it would take longer but it would also be cleaner in terms of civilian casualties.

            There are videos of benjamin netanyahu, in which he does not seem to realise he is being recorded, of him saying that america won’t interfere and all palestinians must be wiped out until Israel is safe. In fact his therapist, a renowned doctor in the field of schizophrenia, committed suicide while leaving behind a note saying that he cannot handle what this maniac has going on in his head (also confirmed by the doctor’s journal). I suspect they need gaza because they kill 3 birds with 1 stone.
            A. Israel gets closer to making it a mostly jewish country which is important to them.
            B. They correct their mistake of giving gaza to the palestinians due to it’s geographical advantage being connected to the see and egypt. C. they get rid of the fly that is annoying them aka hammas.

            Yes the palestinians did allow the jewish people to take refugee in palestine before any of this happened, how do you think the jewish got there in the first place? They were all scattered around europe because they had to leave germany due to a crazy guy.
            They have taken the land by force and their reasoning is “The right of return” even though,
            A. that land has been Arab land longer than it has been anything else (1400 years) and if you say that “Some Iraqi jew was there 3000 years ago” then you show your ignorance because if it came down to “who was there first” then the world would belong to Africa.
            B. Even though the palestinians can take you to where their home, no either inhabited by a jewish family or demolished, was and point at it they do not get the right of return but the jewish people do because as I mentioned earlier some Iraqi jew lived there some 3000 years ago (which they have still failed to prove after searching and demolishing 400 villages).


          • “the palestinians did not resist for the first 6 months of the take over so yes israel did start it” The State of Israel declared it’s independence on May 14th, 1948. On May 15th, 1948, the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria, along with forces from Iraq, invaded the former Mandate of Palestine lands, which were now Israel. Hmm…May 14th-May 15th…that sounds like a lot less than 6 months.


            And I’m just going to ignore the rest of your comment…it all reads like the rantings of a crazy person.

            To be clear though some of what Israel is doing I don’t agree with, ALL of what Hamas is doing I don’t agree with. And while I don’t think the Palestinians don’t need to be wiped out to achieve peace, I do believe Hamas needs to be eradicated to have any hope of peace. Only because you literally cannot make deals with fanatics. They believe what they believe, and nothing is going to make them believe differently, short of God coming down from heaven and telling them to leave Israel alone and stop killing innocents. Or maybe lobotomies.

          • US wouldn’t be stupid enough? US dropped 2 atom bombs on civillians in Japan AFTER the war was over. Do you live there? It’s just funny to see thousands of stupid arguments from ppl that have no fucking idea what they are talking about.

          • When the U.S. dropped the atomic bombs on Japan we were still at war with Japan. Emperor Hirohito signed the surrender papers days later.

          • You sir are or a liar or a dumbass. The bombs were dropped the 6 and 9 of august 1945. Japan surrendered the 2nd of september 1945. Sadly people like you still have the right to express themselves…Furthermore the death toll of the 2 bombs is faaaar inferior from what would have been the death toll if the US had to assault japan’s main island

          • Excuse me. Israel didn’t take Gaza from the Palestinians. It unilaterally gave it to them. You don’t think Israel should respond with air strikes? Should it just fire “little rockets” into Hamas neighborhoods? So, your problem is that Israel is better at defending itself than Hamas is?

            Palestine didn’t give the Jewish people refuge. The UN did. And Palestine (your name for the neighborhood Arab countries, not mine) responded by trying to kill all the Jews in 1948. And 1967. And 1973.

            The “Palestinians” are the descendants of the Jordanians left behind and then refused refuge by their own country, Jordan, after the failed attempt to wipe Israel off the map in 1967. Get real and stop trying to rewrite history.

          • just like the malay took the country and land from orang asli from malaysia, then treat the chinese and indian as second grade citizens, and then also bring in lot of the people from their origin – indonesia… we used to it, fair games.

          • just like how chinese and indian took the land from the aborigines and treat the aborigines as second grade citizens.. and someone like you bring it up and altered the prey and victim part. *immigrant blues*

          • I hope they continue to fight and the US continue to get involved and then China can easily to move to become the strongest country in the world; and for your info, I am happy at CHINA now ^_^

          • Israel or the Jews are the real owners of that land, when the Muslim thugs – Turks & Arabs conquered that land thousand of years ago, they MUSLIMS displaced the Jews. When the time has come for God to gather His chosen people the Jews far from the farthest land & persecution, God uses people – Christian Zionist – to Re-establish His nation – Israel – nation/state of the Jewish people, but the MUSLIM ARABS did not want it, they ARABS wage a war against Israel in 1948 shortly after the establishment of Republic of Israel! Muslims, ARABS, Palestinians, HAMAS, FATAH, PLO, they are the BAD-ASS!

          • I’m really sorry we have a stronger army. And I’m sorry for having alarm systems, and shelters, and the Iron Dome, we should just give up all of that, let thousands of citizens die and then go crying for legitimacy to the BBC…
            The fact that we have a strong army, and that we have good defense systems, and the fact that we don’t put our civilians on the lines of fire so we can get our cameras ready and celebrate on dead bodies found in the street, doesn’t mean we don’t have a menace to deal with, and that the Hamas is innocent and “firing little rockets”.
            I’m really sorry that we care too much about the lives of our citizens so you don’t get to hear numbers of bodies stacking up on our side. And I’m really sorry there’s people on the other hand that human lives mean abosolutely nothing to them, and that would do anything for the sake of revenge, for something that happened over 60 years ago.

          • Hell…the reason Israel HAS such strong defenses and such a capable military is because Arab countries, and organizations like Hamas, have tried attacking Israel before. Yet it’s still there, beating their enemies back every single time.

          • You should look up who was considered a “palestinian” before the Egyptian born Yasser Arafat invented the nationality with the PLO a few years before the 1967 war. You should also actually read a history book. The Palestine Electric Company, the Palestine Philharmonic, The Palestine Water Company etc were all Jewish organizations. You seem to believe there were no Jews there. Even in Jerusalem under Ottoman rule, Jews were the majority. The fact of the matter is the United Nations said “we are going to create two states… a “Jewish state” and an “ARAB state” (note, not a Palestinian state, an Arab state). The Jews said yes, the Arabs said no and Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and all their pals attacked Israel, figuring, why agree to a Jewish state when OUR states can just divide up that land for ourselves. But seriously. Read a history book.

          • Retaliatory attacks that cause 20 times the causalities? Do you guys ever remember you are in most of Palestine lands illegally? And who is to rule on who should or shouldn’t be eradicated? You and your chauvinist friends??

          • So it’s Israel’s fault their Iron Dome stops nearly all of Hamas’s rocket attacks? Should they only retaliate for attacks that actually make it through? How is Israel in Palestine lands illegally, when Palestine as a nation never existed before 1988?And where did I say who should or shouldn’t be eradicated?

          • As for protecting itself, yes, it has every right to, as does every nation or potentate. The question is HOW? And what level of damage can be tolerated. Backwater security members are on trial in the US for opening fire on an Iraqi souk when they believed they were in imminent danger. They stand trial for excessive and unnecessary use of force, formally known as voluntary manslaughter. As far as the other claim, man, i don’t know Steve, really?. Not even Alan Dershowitz would go this far.

          • Yes. How? Your are the leader of your country. Your countrymen are being bombarded by rockets. What would you do? Sit back and twiddle your thumbs, hoping your defensive system stops the rockets? Risk the lives of your soldiers to send them into hostile territory for a surgical strike? Give them more land??

            As for the other claim, it is historical. There is no evidence of an ancient Palestinian state…like you know…in historical records…but maybe they didn’t know how to write? And for some reason while foreign historians wrote about the existence of a Jewish state, they forgot to include something about Palestine. Excavations there uncovered Hebraic artifacts like the Dead Sea Scrolls…but I guess they haven’t found a single Palestinian penny, have they?

          • Hamas orders the civilians to live in and around their military stockpiles and staging areas, and forces them to stay in those areas when Israel is about to make a tactical strike against it. Hamas is basically conscripting their civilians into their army as meat shields. It’s horrible, but that’s on them. Israel shouldn’t be taking the blame for something Hamas is intentionally causing.

          • There’s no such thing land of Palestine! That land is Israel, the roman empire when they conquered that land re-named it into Palestine in order to erase JEWISH connections, cultures & memories and also to glorify Philistines the mortal enemies of the Israelites or the Jews. You MUSLIM ARABS conquered that land from the MUSLIM TURKS which in the process displaced once more the Jewish people to far away land!

          • Well, did you know that the Israeli army left the Gaza strip in 2006 and gave the land to the Palestinians with no conditions right? I hope you do.

            And did you know that in 2007 Hamas conquer the Gaza strip from the hands of the Palestinians national authority while killing more then 178 people in less then a weak right?
            And what do you have to say about the fact that over 150.000 people died in syria in the last 2 years? Is that also Israels fault?

            This is pretty simple, without the state of Israel in the middle east. much more Muslims would have died: they just not yet feet to the modern world. The basic principle of democracy is protecting human rights! the Muslims have no respect for life at all! they believe that this world is just a stopping point before meeting the after life, and that’s why so many Muslims dies all over the world.

            In bottom line, Hamas have no problem having dozens of civil casualties in order to achieve their goal – the distinction of Israel – and this is why they are using them as human shields.

          • The rockets are crappy little things that have not killed anybody. The Israeli missiles are US built guided systems about 20 times the size.

          • Facts tell a totally different story. The children killed on the beach by israel, the man looking through the rouble shot by a sniper. These are just a couple of countless examples. You arent fooling anyone. Israel is deliberately killing civilians. Stop defecting the blame.

          • That was a dumbass correlation you tried to draw between the Holocaust and the current situation in Gaza! Just completely ignorant! Resist? Are you kidding me? Do you know anything about the Holocaust? Please enlighten all of us on how Jews “resisted” or fought with a “little stick” as this must be what they call revisionist history. And mirroring the Nazi’s??? So Israel is telling the Gazans about these Palestinian vacation camps and creating propaganda that it is going to be a great time for them and their families? So Israel is loading up Palestinians on trains sending them one direction and another train sending Palestinian wealth the other and redistributing it to Israeli citizens? Oh better yet they are putting Palestinians in ovens or gas showers? No last I checked Palestinians were putting their children in front of missiles and bullets! Telling them to stay and die! Last I checked they were storing rockets in children’s schools and inside religious centers! Last I checked other Arabs have turned their backs on these people and left them to suffer. Last I checked, when Israel gave them Gaza it was fully functioning with businesses, nice homes, schools, infrastructure, running water, roads, and Israel gave them everything they needed. However, their leadership say we don’t want any help from Israel and they literally destroyed everything they were given! And yes there are tons of reports and footage from both Arab and Israeli reporters confirming this! You should go to Gaza and stand with them cause you clearly are misinformed!

      • Israel launched 1500 airstrikes on an incredibly densely populated territory and 90 people were killed, prior to the ground war. If Israel was going for “ethnic cleansing,” that number would be closer to Syrian levels of 150,000 especially given how densely populated places like Gaza city are… but please, don’t let logic interrupt your hatin’. I’m sure you think Israel should just let missiles be launched at its people forever and never do anything in response. I’m also sure you didn’t say or do anything when ethnic cleansing actually did take place in Darfur, or about the situation still in Syria, or what Russia does in Chechnya or what Iran does to its own people, or China and the list goes on. If you only say things when it comes to Israel… news flash, whether you realize it or not, you’re anti-semitic.

      • Ethnic cleansing?!?! If Israel wanted to “ethnically cleanse,” it would have made Palestine a parking lot. Come to think of it… they still might. Would only take about 30 seconds.

    • What is their definition of defending itself? Wiping out Palestinians (including the next generation of kids) since they may grow up to join hamas? Please help us understand your logic?

      • ITS HAMAS are Killing their people – women & children which they placed in the front line & uses as a Human Shield! Its Massacre! Its GENOCIDE! Not by Israel! BUT BY HAMAS the MUSLIM TERRORIST Group!

        • Israel started Hamas, dont forget they didnt’ want yasser arafat. Then they supported hamas to take over and now they want to wipe all Palestinians out with the same excuse you reiterated just now “its hamas fault”. Right now– the truth is and the world sees it very clearly, the true terrorists are the Mossad and zionist regime who is pushing innocent israelis to join their evil force in killing for their own political agenda. Causing hatred between civilians on both sides, Israel and Palestine, both have people who just want peace and equality for each other. You are not one of these people, you are just another hasbara parrot. Please open your eyes.

          • I open my eyes and I’m with Israel! Because God says in the Bible, that He will bless those who bless them (Israel) & curse that curse you.

            And the true terrorists are those who says, INFIDELS (Non-Muslims) MUST BE KILLED! HAMAS will carry out these out! And Mosab Hassan Yousef says, HAMAS will do everything to wipe out Israel & establish their own caliph! Mosab is a Palestinian and son of a Hamas founder and leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef.

          • …and here we go…let’s drop the bullshit again….Israel was AGAINST Hamas and for Yasser Arafat, he was the only guy who managed to “”stabilize”” the situation even thought he was a thief and a jerk. Did you know how Hamas got to the government? Yasser decided that some free elections would be great for Gaza but somebody decided to vote for Hamas, now don’t get me wrong, Hamas did some good things for palestinians, like schools and hospitals but then they turned against Israel. Once Hamas got to power Yasser and his buddies tried to take over, they did a “revolution” but they failed. After the failed coup Israel AND Egypt who was before an ennemy of israel decided to blockade the Gaza strip.

            And no, I’m not Israeli or Gazian or whatever

          • …and here we go…let’s drop the bullshit again….Israel was AGAINST Hamas and for Yasser Arafat, he was the only guy who managed to “”stabilize”” the situation even thought he was a thief and a jerk. Did you know how Hamas got to the government? Yasser decided that some free elections would be great for Gaza but somebody decided to vote for Hamas, now don’t get me wrong, Hamas did some good things for palestinians, like schools and hospitals but then they turned against Israel. Once Hamas got to power Yasser and his buddies tried to take over, they did a “revolution” but they failed. After the failed coup Israel AND Egypt who was before an ennemy of israel decided to blockade the Gaza strip.

            And no, I’m not Israeli or Gazian or whatever

    • Dont use the word defence. Call it what you like, its not defence. Its only defence in the manner in which any occupying nation defend itself from the resistance that the occupied and oppressed offers.

  4. I just wondering when will the Jews finally wake up and realize that the democratic party does not support them. Everyday, the King James Bible proves to be more up to date than the liberals want to admit to.

    • Fair enough, it’s your right to do so and in part you are right. But let me tell you, this article is blind propaganda. It is sad that people who want to defend Israel believe this kind of internet lies and it is even more sad that some Israeli guy used his time to write this. Mr Author instead of shitting around on the internet why don’t you direct yourself to the nearest recruitment station and do something useful for your contry

  5. Boycott Israel? what kind of crap is this. We should be sending them Military Aid right now. If this Country had a President instead of a wimpy weasel we would have already deployed help. I miss Bush.

    • While I do agree with you in some form, this is something that I think Israel wants to do on their own. I don’t think they have a desire to draw anyone else into this mess. They’ve done everything they can to limit civilian deaths, but Hamas is asking people to stay in their homes and are using their own people to increase the death count. Israel has accepted 2 cease fires that were rejected by Hamas in an attempt to keep some level of peace, where as Hamas’ response was “We’re going to start targeting Israeli airports”. Yes, It’s unfortunate that there are so many civilian deaths, but Israel is trying to prevent as many as they can, in some situations at the expense of their own people. Hamas makes it a GOAL to kidnap, torture and kill as many Israelis as they can, teaching their children to “Kill all Jews” as soon as they can understand how to hate. To those that think Israel is committing Genocide — You’re CLEARLY not versed in the history of Israel. Try educating yourselves on the matter before condemning people who are trying to defend themselves. That’s akin to saying that the US shouldn’t have gone into Iran, and Iraq after 9/11. The US killed MANY civilians during that war… where were you crying that it was genocide then? Hypocrites.

      • Do either of you know what Zionism is? It’s the nationalist movement of the Jewish people. As long as you believe that the Palestinain people have a right to self-determination and deny the Jewish people the same right, that is not only hypocrisy, it’s anti-Semitism, as defined by Dr. Martin Luther King.

  6. This is absurd. Well, if Israel wants to continue the way it is by slaughtering innocent Palestinians, then I guess they can learn to live without all the technology the rest of the world has produced. After all, if the Israelis have been able to invent all of this stuff then they should be able to get on with their lives instead of begging the US for aid. Before you all accuse me of loving Islam and tolerating their hate and whatnot, I would like to point out that I’m Hindu, and us Indians have just as much a reason to dislike Muslims as the Israeli. Look at the cold proven facts instead of blindly following your faith. This article was very annoying to read; just the tone of the author infuriated me proved that he/she are unable to write unbiasedly.

      • Yes, innocent as in civilians and women and children who have no part in this conflict. If you are implying that all Palestinians are evil, I curse your stubbornness and close-minded nature. It is the fault of people like you that there is no peace in this world.

        • Have you noticed who it is that’s been rejectiong cease-fire offers for more than a week? It’s Hamas.

        • Haha. I do suggest Palestine to separate the man, woman and children, provide Isreal with the map of where they are so that Isreal can bomb the man only place.

          Hello! Use your brain. It’s a war. They use whatever they can, do whatever they can, to kill their enemy. That’s war.

          Palestinians have 2 options:
          1. Fight back harder. Show your power if you have any.
          2. Surrender and beg for not killing and say thank you.

          Read the history! When Poland was attack by Germany and Russia. When Russia + USA fight back Germany. When Japan kill all the Chinese. When USA bombed Japan. So you talk about not killing the woman and children? So you talk about fair? you talk about rights? think again.

    • Yup BAD Israel NO biscuit!!!!
      How dare you garner a peace with Hamas only to have 120 missiles lobbed at you afterwards.
      Totally clear how Israel is the aggressor here.
      ^^^^Sarcasm for those not aware^^^^^

      • Look at this article, published on the same website. Maybe you would like to see who is lobbing missiles at whom. Article Name: Hamas Rocket Team Catches Israeli Missile. Please, find the facts and present unbiased opinions. It is precisely this hate and pure laziness to look at the facts that causes these conflicts anyways. I am by no means supporting the Palestinians, but even to an outsider like me with no reason to be in this conflict, the Israeli mentality and tone irritate me. Just take a look at the comments for this article. Don’t blindly support a side; it is perfectly alright for you to be against the Palestinians, as long as you do so openmindedly.

        • you need to know the truth not being blind and reading things that are in the media. Get your facts right. Palestine and Israel is in war. watch CNN. They show palestine shooting missiles to israel too but in where you are, the government has censored that part and only show you the one sided story. don’t talk as if you’re so smart by quoting a published website.

        • Hamas is evil. The core driving belief of a Hamas led country is the eradication of Israel. That’s just about the closest definition of evil I can think of.

          • Sorry, not because it’s the eradication of *Israel*, but because they wish the total destruction of a country. It’s irrelevant who that country is, that’s evil.

          • Israel didn’t “eradicate Palestine”, because no sovereign country by that name ever existed.
            “Palestine” is the name the Romans gave to Judea after putting down the last Jewish rebellion in 135 CE, as punishment for th Jews. The name was used as a description of an amorphous geographic area that could mean as little as present-day Israel or as much as Israel, Gaza, West Bank, part of Jordan, part of Syria, part of Iraq and part of the Sinai Peninsula. Its borders were defined only after WW I, and included what we now call Jordan, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and part of the Golan Heights.
            If anyone “eradicated Palestine”, it was the Arabs who refused to declare statehood at the same time Israel did. They preferred to start a war and take the portion allocated for the Jewish state as theirs (stealing all assets and murdering all the Jews along the way).
            The “Naqba” (catastrophe) they moan about annually on Israel’s Independence Day is the sad fact that they failed in their bombastic boasts that they would “drive the Jews into the sea”.
            The conflict has continued because “Arab pride” and “Arab honor” can’t accept the fact that they were beaten by people who were supposed to wait around to be killed instead of fighting back.

          • It is true that the area regarded as Palestine never actually became a state when Israel did, and it’s also true that the Arabs living in the region partitioned off for them by the UN attacked the area provided for the Jews which had become Israel.

            However the reasoning behind this attack was perfectly understandable, there were approximately 1.5 million Arabs in the area and roughly 0.5 million Jews, despite this, the UN provided the greater ‘half’ of the land to the Jews. Is it so surprising that the Arabs were unhappy with this agreement so heavily slanted in the Jews favor? If an international organisation turned up in your country and told you that they were moving half a million foreigners on to your land, moving them into your homes and your cities, would you sit back and take it?

            Regardless of the hows and whys, it is evident that Israel has taken the land allocated to the Arabs by the UN, the Land of Israel now stretches from the borders of Jordan to the Mediterranean sea. Furthermore, the State of Israel engages in oppression of the Arabs who remain within their land, this is reported by even the US, a long standing ally of Israel: ‘The government generally respected the human rights of its citizens; however, there were problems in some areas, including institutional, legal, and societal discrimination against the country’s Arab citizens.’ – 2005 US Department of State report.

            Israel talks of terrorist attacks, but the phrase ‘One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter’ echoes poignantly here. The truth is that the Arabs in Gaza aren’t fighting a war, or engaging in acts of terror, they’re desperately trying to ignite a revolution against an unjust and oppressive government which is occupying their lands. How is this so different from the War of Independence that The Americans fought against the British?

          • “How is this so different from the War of Independence that The Americans fought against the British?”

            There’s not enough room to itemize all the ways it’s different– but a major difference is that the American rebels did not target British civilians, only British military. Hamas is dedicated to avoiding conflict with the IDF and murdering civilians.

            You might also consider that American colonists were just that– colonists. They had no historical ties to the land of North America, the way Jews do to Israel.

            The “greater half” allocated for the Jewish state included most of the Negev desert, which made up almost one-half of the allocation. Look at any map showing the partition lines. Here’s one from a Palestinian web site:

            Yes, Israel ended up with more territory than it started with. So did Jordan and Egypt, but no one ever told them to create a Palestinian state on the land they took. On the contrary, the Palestinian National Charter (1964) specifically stated:

            “Article 24: This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah [Jerusalem] Area. Its activities will be on the national popular level in the liberational, organizational, political and financial fields.”

            In short, the Palestinians had no interest in land ruled by an Arab government, only in land ruled by “infidels”. Of course, this article was deleted from the Charter shortly after the 6-Day War (1968).

            Now try to remember how the West Bank and Gaza Strip came to be under Israeli control… it wasn’t because some Israeli PM decided that “this would be a good day to take the West Bank and Gaza”, but because Egypt committed an act of war by blockading the Strait of Tiran to all Israel-bound ships, no matter what flag they flew.

            Israel practically begged King Hussein of Jordan to refrain from joining in the hostilities with Egypt and Syria, but he decided to anyway, firing artillery into West Jerusalem on the third day of the 6-Day War. The Jordan Legion was routed within two days’ fighting and Israel found itself sitting on the banks of the Jordan River.

            “If an international organisation turned up in your country and told you
            that they were moving half a million foreigners on to your land, moving
            them into your homes and your cities, would you sit back and take it?”

            Well, at the same time, around 10 million Muslims and Hindus were displaced when India was arbitrarily partitioned and no one complained. No one complained when 3 million ethnic Germans from Sudetenland were expelled from Czechoslovakia at the points of Czech and Red Army bayonets, nor were there complaints about the million and a half ethnic Germans similarly expelled from Poland. In fact, no one said a word when the Arab League countries expelled between 850,000 and 900,000 Jews from their countries after the 1948 war, allowing each person just one suitcase and the equivalent of $50. Some families had been in those countries for centuries before Mohammed dreamed up his scam called Islam, and were forced to leave behind assets totalling an estimated $5 to $10 BILLION. In land along, Jewish landowners in Arcountries were forced to abann ownership of over 100,000 sque kilomers of land– almost five time the total land area of Israel, including Gaza, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.
            Israel absorbed more than 2/3 of those Jewish refugees, while the Arab countries would not absorb one single Palestinian. Only Jordan offered citizenship to Palestinians.

          • First of all you have no basis to suggest that Hamas is deliberately targeting civilians, they’re firing what rockets they have to whichever locations they can reach, plus if they were targeting civilians you’d expect a much higher civilian casualty than only 2 civilians compared to 30 soldiers.

            As to the claim that the Jews have a historical right to the land of Israel, this is countered very eloquently by Miko Peled in his book ‘The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine’ But essentially refers to the fact that it is hypocritical to declare that having ancestors settlle in a place millennia ago gives you a claim to a land, but living there all your life, having the deed and a key to a home does not. We talk about the right of return for the Jews, but not for the Arabs which is a blatant double standard.

            Admittedly having the Negev Dessert make up a huge chunk of your allocated land must have been annoying, however the Negev Desert is currently home to 630,000 people, more than the entire population of the Jews in question at that time, so space was hardly an issue compared to the 1.5 million Palestinians who just got squashed into less than half of the land they used to occupy.

            Your reference to Article 24 has no real relevance to your argument, no, the Arabs in the area referred to as Palestine had no interest in attacking neighboring states, presumably because they were a little preoccupied by the State of Israel that was attacking them. And it was blatantly attacking them as is shown by the amount of land Israel had gained between 1947 and 1964.

            In contrary to your assertions concerning the war of Egypt, it was in fact the Israeli army that attacked first. While this is widely attributed to a preemptive strike it is apparent from the study of documents from this time that the Egyptian army wouldn’t be ready for war for another year and a half. It is naive to suggest that an unprepared and unsuspecting Israeli army somehow managed to defend itself from three aggressive armies, coming out the other side having miraculously gained land. This of course is the version of events widely spread by the Israeli government but is by no means accurate or even compatible with the evidence.

            As to your referral to the many other occurrences in history when a population has been displaced, I fail to see once again why this supports Israels actions. You speak of these occurrences with a tone of abhorrence for the crimes perpetrated on these people, and rightly so. You claim that no one complained when these acts occurred but I find that hard to believe, and even if this is so, I’m complaining now. It’s wrong, plain and simple to displace people and families from their homes and to steal their belongings, which is exactly what Israel, with the backing of the UN did.

            Furthermore, your choice of examples and your referral to Islam as a ‘scam’ leads me to believe that you are very pro Judaism and anti Islam. This is unfortunate, because the truth is that Mohammed’s dream is beautiful, just like Jesus’ dream was beautiful, and Moses’ dream was beautiful. The fact is that at their core, all religions promote peace, but it is the reactions of a small minority of humans to these religious teachings which create the abhorrence we see today. And for that Islam is not alone, The Crusades are a black mark on Christianity’s history, just as the persecution of Arabs in Israel is a black mark on Judaism’s history.

          • I really don’t know whether to laugh at your ignorance or be angry that you seem to want Jewish casualties. The fact is that Hamas commits a double war crime with each rocket fired: first, firing from a heavily civilian populated area is a war crime. Even the Palestinian representative to the UNHRC has admitted this. Second, firing unguided rockets towards civilian towns, cities and farms is a war crime. Have you ever heard of the concept “criminal intent”? That’s what Hamas has when they fire off their rockets indiscriminately. The fact that there have been almost no dead Israelis is only due to the cowardice of Hamas in firing off their rockets without aiming properly, so they can escape counterbattery fire.

            Miko Peled has a right to his opinions, but I disagree with his conclusions on many things. His opinion of the 6-Day War is erroneous and ignores a multitude of factors. Far as I can see, he’s another historical fiction writer along the lines of Ilan Pappe.

            The sound bites of an elderly person brandishing an old brass key and claiming “this is the key to my home in Jaffa (or Akko, Tiberias, Haifa or wherever) is certainly emotional, but it’s also a lie. British land registry records show that a grand total of 16% of the Mandate land was actually owned by Arab owners, and half of that was owned by absentee landlords living abroad. The great majority, almost three-quarters, was state land. Incidentally, you can buy old brass keys like that in any Middle Eastern flea market for about $5. I have a friend with a collection of them. Holding a key in front of a camera is not proof of ownership, now is it? Note: since 1948, more than 15,000 claims of genuine owners have been settled by Israeli courts. That’s a matter of public record, if you can read Hebrew.

            The Negev can support 630,000 people because of the efforts of Israel. Before 1948, it wasn’t capable of supporting 50,000.

            For starters, Israel “gained” no land from the 1949 Rhodes Cease-Fire agreements until the 6-Day War in 1967. I don’t know what histories you’ve been reading, but either you didn’t understand them, or they’re sadly in error.

            Nasser’s blockade, removal of the UN peacekeeping force in Sinai and transfer of Egyptian troops into Sinai were acts of war. Whether he really intended to attack Israel is a moot question, but he certainly acted as if he did.

            These are rado quotes of Nasser prior to the 6-Day war:

            May 19: “This is our chance Arabs, to deal Israel a mortal blow of annihilation, to blot out its entire presence in our holy land”.

            May 22: “The Arab people is firmly resolved to wipe Israel off the map”.

            May 27: “We challenge you, Eshkol, to try all your weapons. Put them to the test; they will spell Israel’s death and annihilation.”

            “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel. The Arab people want to fight . . . The mining of Sharm el Sheikh is a confrontation with Israel. Adopting this measure obligates us to be ready to embark on a general war with Israel.” – Nasser, May 27, 1967.

            “The armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon are poised on the borders of Israel . . . . to face the challenge, while standing behind us are the armies of Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, Sudan and the whole Arab nation. This act will astound the world. Today they will know that the Arabs are arranged for battle, the critical hour has arrived. We have reached the stage of serious action and not declarations.” – Nasser, May, 30, 1967 after signing a defense pact with Jordan’s King Hussein.

            Are these statements from a head of state not contemplating war? Get real.

            Islam IS a scam. What else can you call a religion that preaches Arab superiority over the world and demands submission to itself worldwide? The word itself means “submission”.

            What kind or religion needs to punish apostasy (leaving that religion) with death?

            Mohammed was a caravan raider, murderer, bandit and pedophile. How can this be someone to admire?

          • Actually Israel didn’t steal land. There was never a country “Palestine”. The name was given from the Romans to the people living in this area (Completely unrelated to Palestinians now) Then it was ruled by different places. It belonged to the Turks before England took it before World War 2 and then ENGLAND GAVE it to the Jews because no country was accepting them and Poland was murdering them and oppressing them. Before that 10% of Israel was Jews who were constantly terrorized by the people living there. Those people, BTW weren’t even aware of the territories name. If you were to ask them “Where are you from?” The would answer with their family name. When Israel became a country, they told the Palestinians there they could live there under Israeli government and they offered some chunk of the land. BTW most of it was desert. These Palestinians who had no government, or economy (Which is what makes something a country) protested and said they don’t want ANY Jews here because they were JEWS.

        • Wait hold on- So you’re telling me Israel is bad because they shot a missile at a militant firing a rocket into Israel?

          What would the appropriate reaction be to not be labeled bad? Just sit there and take it?

          Man that’s a weak example of why Israel is bad, real weak.

    • The Israelis are not slaughtering anyone. What you are saying is ignorant. The arabs are using these people as shields. Just remember once they get us if they do, they will come after you with a vengenge and there won’t be any mercy.

    • Yes! The jews have their hands in many GOOD things they made for humankind, but they sadly
      don´t have their hands on the media. If they had, no lies would spread against the jews!Help me with an information. GAZA received a lot of money and help from all the world, even from Israel that provides them with water, eletricity and they don´t pay por this. They should make with all this help, a nice place to live. Sooooo?What did they do with all that help?

  7. Here is a novel idea : How bout we mind our own business and let the jews/muslims slaughter each other out of existance so we can finally live in peace,for once.While we are at it,we cutoff all foreign aid so that we can start caring for our own citizens/elderly/vets.Its time for a change in the right direction…

  8. Here is an even better idea : BOYCOTT KOSHER FOODS….its the biggest money maker for them worldwide.Us christians get charged EXTRA for Kosher blessings just for a group that is less then 1% of the worldwide population….BOYCOTT HALAL FOODS TOO

    • You get charged extra for buying kosher food? Then don’t buy it. Nobody’s forcing you, dumbass. WTH are you smoking…

    • I’m sure you keep this right next to your copy of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”. It’s the easiest thing in the world to mistranslate or pull a phrase out of context to say the opposite of what the original author intended.

      I would have expected a person with your opinions to feel far more comfortable on “”.

  9. first of all, there is no country called ISRAEL, its called settlers.. don’t tell me Columbus discovered Israel.#jewsh are the most hated society in the universe. even in America, the KKK people hate Jewish more than blacks. read history. America and Briton took a land from Palestine and tried to create a country called Israel.

    • Well there was a nation called Israel a couple thousand years ago, up until the Roman Empire renamed it “Palestine” after the ancient enemies of the Hebrews, the “Philistines” after three Jewish rebellions.

      As in- the name “Palestine” comes from Rome wanting to mock the Jews for rebelling against their occupation. And you wanna say Israel never existed, I laugh.. then I realize I wasting my breath..

    • Were you dropped on your head a lot as a child? Hell, there’s no PALESTINE. There’s the State of Palestine, but THAT country was only created in the 80’s.

  10. Do you believe that Israel did all above mentioned..I can say Israel built your home, Israel do so and so, while that all what I say are just lies…Israel is a source of terrorism. who kill children? who has missiles, airstrikes, tanks, navy and American support? It is Israel. However, we criticize hamas that defend their homeland…Please, read the history…Israel occupied Palestine. where was Israel before 1940? I challenge any one to answer. If someone attacks your home would you keep quite? the same there.

    • Israel was granted their territory by the UN. It’s a lawfully populated and created nation. Hamas, on the other hand, is making daily strikes from residential areas, where they keep all their military stockpiles and weapons platforms, intentionally making their own civilians human shields, so that when a civilian is accidentally killed by Israel in a RETALIATORY STRIKE (look up the term, dumbass), Hamas gains international sympathy. Though in their minds, those civilians who died for their Jihad go straight to heaven, so it’s no loss.

      And Hamas isn’t defending their homeland, they’re attacking another nation. And if you mean religious homeland, well, Jews have an even older tie to Jerusalem than Hamas, or the Islamic or Muslim religions.

      • You keep saying it was created by the UN, it was created by the UN. For the rest of us outside USandA, the US = UN. So it was created unilaterally by the bully.

        • Uhh… The US was “the bully” back in the late 1940’s? Today, I could see how other countries could see us that way. But back then, no way.

      • the thing is, a lot of people will not agree that this is how nations are made. it looks pretty unjust for a country to be created by driving the existing residents out of that land to make way for other people who supposedly belong to this ‘promised land’

        • Yeah…historically it was done by war, or the violent/political overthrow of one government and replacement by another… Either of which were frequently even more catastrophic for civilians.

  11. I’m not support Israel or Palestine, but it’s a fuck up to boycott Israel. Well, only if they can do it right.

  12. You forgot to mention that Israel offered and provided aid to the United States in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  13. Israel has been around for 5,000 years….. it’s a holy place for Jews and Christians. It says NOTHING in the Koran about Israel, Palestine, Judea, Bethlehem? The Arab settlers in Palestine were from various Arab nations including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria etc. Arabs were NOT the only people living there, Jews, and Christians were there too. The Arabs did not have sole claim to the land. Since the U.N. declared Israel a Jewish State, the Palestinians started two wars, which they lost! And land was won (as what happens in war). What is not mentioned is that Israel GAVE back Gaza in 2005, or that Palestinians have representatives on the Israeli government OR that Israel gives aid to the Palestinians. And how many times has Israeli wanted a two state settlement? What happened in 1998 with Arafat? He declined WHY? Because they want to get rid of Israel, the ONLY democratic government in the Middle East. And for all you ignoramus who think the USA should stop supporting Israel, I hope you realize that most of the U.S. intelligence, weapons, and security comes from Israel. Also if you do not believe this list, I implore you to do your own research. Anyone have information on Palestinian inventions?

  14. In the end times all nations will rise up against Isreal. Hope it happens because that means the return of my King!

  15. I don’t see where Math would be a problem. It was a Persian mathematician that developed Algebra, not the Israelis. And it was a combined effort by a British and a German scientist that are responsible for Calculus. I believe much of the stuff posted above may be a little exaggerated.

  16. Lol. So much utter bullshit in this article. With a small amount of research, so much of this can easily be debunked, there’s so much that I don’t even know where to start. This writer has his tongue stuck pretty deep inside Israel’s asshole. Yeah, let’s completely ignore the atrocities committed by this country because Bon Jovi may perform there…..Lets not forget all the wonderful contributions the Nazis made to the world across multiple fields, including medical,which was mostly found out through various methods of torture and experimentation in the death camps. The contributions they have made didn’t absolve them of the pure evil they were.

    • Go ahead– do the research and “debunk” the claims, if you can.

      Don’t let your ignorance kill you, take the trouble to learn about the subject before you post.

      • I have already done some research. And I don’t have the time at the moment to go through all of these steps, but will indeed. Here’s the first few:

        Intel Ivy Bridge:

        The article which is linked to on this step:

        “Intel Israel Ltd. will produce Intel Corporation’s (Nasdaq: INTC) new Ivy Bridge processor, even though Intel Israel did not develop the technology.”


        According to this article – “No 4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli”.

        This simply isn’t true, granted Altair do have a substantial market share, but they aren’t the be all end-all for this specific chipset. They’re merely the choice producer for Verizon, but they face hard competition from Qualcomm, Broadcom, Marvel, Mediatek, Texas Instruments and GTC

        On Firewalls

        No single person/country can make the claim for inventing the firewall. This idea was floating around for many years. The Israeli claim to this invention was a security expert named Nir Zuk, who was around for creating some of the early computer viruses. The Digital Equipment Corporation, an American company, were the ones to first publish papers on firewalls in 1988 when their engineers created the first packet-filtered firewalls.

        This article makes it seem like Israel can single handedly lay claim to many of these contributions and it just isn’t true. The author was obviously biased and was looking for ways to prop up Israel, regardless if it were the “whole truth”.

        • “No 4G devices can be used, as the chipset is Israeli”

          You DO know the difference between a processor and a chipset, don’t you?

          “Digital Equipment Corporation, an American company, were the ones to
          first publish papers on firewalls in 1988 when their engineers created
          the first packet-filtered firewalls.”

          I remember purchasing an EliaShim anti-virus program for my first PC in 1985 (before there was an Internet). The EliaShim anti-virus was the first program that offered a firewall configuration for company networks, which were the closest thing to the Internet commonly available at that time.

          Even if you want to discount 50% if Mr. Ordman’s list, it is still way longer than that of Palestinian contributions. I can only think of a few: suicide bomb vests, airline and cruise ship hijacking and becoming the world’s highest paid per capita recipients of relief aid. Did you know that UNRWA’s annual budget is more than double that of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (the organization that handles all the world’s refugees except the Palestinians)?

          • If you going to talk about suicide vests, do not forget that Israel also contributed to that field. Zionist (I am using this word for what it is, not as an attempt to smear them somehow, they did that smearing themselves) right-wing paramilitaries, groups like Irgun or Lehi, operating outside of Ben-Gurion’s Hagana (precursor of IDF) during independence struggle actively engaged in terrorism against British interests and Arab nationalism. Most notable acts include Deir Yassin massacre and King David Hotel Bombing.

            This groups were denounced early on, but when the right-wing parties (Herut and Likud) came to prominence in Israeli politics in the seventies there was a concerted push to whitewash history, and exonerate these groups. Not surprising, as many of their leaders rose to the top level leadership in the country, such as Menachem Begin, the leader of Irgun, who ordered the hotel bombing claiming 91 lives and later became the prime minister.

          • While I was never a great fan of either the Irgun or the Stern Gang, much has been written maligning them that was untrue.

            For example, Deir Yassin– the lie that wouldn’t die, was a manufactured
            “massacre”, created by Hussein Khalidi and broadcast by Hazem Nusseibeh
            of the Palestine Broadcasting Service’s Arabic News Service.

            “Hazem Nusseibeh, the editor of the Palestine Broadcasting Service’s Arabic news in 1948, admitted that he was instructed by Palestinian leader Hussein Khalidi to falsify the claims of atrocities at Deir Yassin with the intent to encourage Arab regimes to attack Israel.

            “Nusseibeh said he met with survivors of Deir Yassin and with Hussein Khalidi and in collusion with them created the story. He said he recalled that Khalidi said to him: “We must make the most of this.”

            Nusseibeh wrote the press release which stated that the children of Deir Yassin were murdered and pregnant women were raped. It never happened. Nussbieh also claimed that their attempt at goading the Arab countries to “defend” the Arabs of Palestine backfired on them, causing a massive exodus of Arabs from Palestine, fearing that the same thing they thought had happened at Deir Yassin would happen to them. (The Jerusalem Report, April 2, 1998).

            In 1988 Bir Zeit University published a monograph, the result of several years of investigating the Deir Yassin Incident and interviewing every Arab survivor of
            the battle. They concluded that the number of people – fighters AND civilians –
            who died in Deir Yassin could not have been more than 120 (and was most likely 112) – raising serious doubts as to the credibility of those who have accused the Jews of a massacre. If those claiming a massacre were so far off the actual number killed (giving a number more than double the real figure), what does that say about the reliability of their other claims – of rape, mutilation, and intentional massacre of civilians?

            The BBC, in a 1998 documentary series called “50 Years of War” came to the following conclusion: “Deir Yassin was a legitimate military target. Deir Yassin was strategically located, overlooking the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway. Arab military forces located in Deir Yassin and adjacent villages regularly attacked Jewish traffic on that highway, effectively cutting off western Jerusalem from much of the rest of the country. The Jewish fighters who sought to conquer Deir Yassin in April 1948 encountered hours of heavy gunfire from the well-armed villagers and Arab soldiers based there. Large amounts of weapons and ammunition were found in the village by the Jewish forces.”

            The King David Hotel, as the British mandate Headquarters, was a legitimate military target– in fact, the target of the bombing was the CID records room.

            A warning was telephoned to the Duty Officer at the King David, telling him there was a bomb and the building had to be evacuated. His response was: “I don’t take orders from a bloody Jew!” and he hung up.

            The woman (former Knesset member Geula Cohen) then tried to get her warning through via the nearby French Embassy and theough the Palestine (Now Jerusalem) Post newspaper offices, but it was too late.

            However, the British Army knew who to blame… that officer was sent back to Britain where he was quietly court-martialled, reduced in rank to private and dishonorably discharged from the British Army for dereliction of duty without pension or veterans rights of any kind.

            As much as I personally disagreed with the politics of Menachem Begin, I respected a modest man, that rarity in our times– an honest politician who was never in the shadow of scandal or corruption. Unlike many, he did make the difficult transition from terrorist to statesman… unlike Yasser Arafat, who never did quite make it.

          • Of course I know the difference, I was pointing out that the Israeli produced Altair 4G semi-conductor chipset is not the only one widely in use today.

            Ah okay, never heard of that anti-virus program, will have a look into it. If I’m wrong about anything, I’ll gladly take it on the chin.

            I’ve found this article on arab contributions, judging by the source though, it can probably be taken with the same amount of salt as this one from the opposite end of the spectrum –

            But from what I’ve seen, the Arab/Palestinian culture is truly rich one. With a history spanning thousands of years and many great empires. Although I’m not able to pin-point what they are off the top of my head, because I haven’t done any kind of research into it ashamedly, they must’ve contributed many things to human progress and technology, perhaps not in the modern sense though, but I can only speculate

            Nope, I didn’t know that. Will look into it as well.

          • The fact that the latest inventions were during the 14th century is pretty much the key here.

            According to many Arab sources, there is no “Palestinian culture” and there is no unique “Palestinian people”. Even the Palestinian National Charter states that:
            “Article 1. Palestine is an Arab homeland bound by strong Arab national ties to the rest of the Arab Countries and which together form the great Arab homeland.”

            “The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national
            interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct Palestinian people
            to oppose Zionism.

            “For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa, while as a Palestinian, I can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However, the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan.” Zuheir Muhsin, member of the PLO Executive
            Council, in a March 1977 interview to the Dutch newspaper “Trouw”.

            From the beginning (1920) the Arabs in Palestine refused to be considered “Palestinians”.

            When the first congress of Muslim-Christian associations met in Jerusalem in February 1919 to choose “Palestinian” representatives for the Paris Peace Conference, the following resolution was adopted:

            “We consider ‘Palestine’ as part of Arab Syria, as it has never been separated from it at any time. We are connected with it by national, religious, linguistic, natural, economic, and geographical bonds.”

            In 1937, a local Arab leader, Auni Bey Abdul-Hadi, told the Peel Commission, which ultimately suggested the partition of Israel: “There is no such country [as Palestine]! ‘Palestine’ is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Our country was for centuries part of Syria.”

            When the distinguished Arab-American historian, Princeton University Prof. Philip Hitti, testified against partition before the Anglo-American Committee in 1946, he said: “There is no such thing as ‘Palestine’ in history, absolutely not.”

            The representative of the Arab Higher Committee to the United Nations submitted a statement to the general assembly in May 1947 that said “‘Palestine’ was part of the province of Syria” and that, “politically, the Arabs of Israel were not independent in the sense of forming a separate political entity.”

            On May 31, 1956, Ahmed Shukairy had no hesitation, as current head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, in announcing to the Security Council the observation, “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but Southern Syria.”

            “If there is any such thing as a ‘Palestinian people’, it is I, Yasser Arafat, who created them” (from the authorized biography of Yasser Arafat, “Arafat, a Political Biography” by Alan Hart.)

            These quotes and many more sort of dispel the notion that their specific history spanned thousands of years, doesn’t it?

    • It’s outrageous and a big insult to not only the Jewish people but to the world when you compare the israeli/hamas conflict to the holocaust. around 19 million people were murdered in the holocaust in a 5 year span. that’s an average of 10,410 people killed a day! The current Palestinian death toll is at 718. While this is terrible that so many people were killed in 2 weeks, It really cannot be compared to the Holocaust. Israel is not killing the Palestinians because they feel they are a superior race and that the Palestinians don’t deserve to live rather they are protecting the Israeli civilians from Hamas rockets that will not stop until the terrorists are taken out. The war that is going on is reflecting very negatively on humanity and I pray is ended soon but please don’t compare this to the Holocaust where millions upon millions of people were murdered and the world stood by and did nothing for 5 years.

      • Rosie, you are missing the point. Not that I really care for offending people, I’m not saying the treatment of the Palestinians is akin with the Holocaust. The point I was making is terrible things done by a nation shouldn’t be ignored in light of the contributions that they have made. I was just using them as an extreme example because as far as history goes, the Holocaust was pretty recent. Hell, I have Jewish ancestory.

        And if you really want to talk death toll, you’d have to rewind a good couple of years back to start with the First Israel-Arab war back in 1948. And also deaths resulting indirectly from sanctions, etc.

        • You mean the war where 5 Arab countries declared war on Israel the day after it was created? And where Israel justifiably defended itself? THAT war?