Bundy Ranch: Message To US Military – Why Are You Not Protecting US Citizens From Domestic Enemies?

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(Before It’s News)

By Susan Duclos

Kristen Meghan, US Air Force veteran has  a message to the US Military regarding the standoff at the Bundy ranch in Nevada where armed goons aka federal agents, Rangers and other agencies have been terrorizing one family over land rights issues, claiming ownership or “management” of land that Mr. Cliven and his family have been using since the 1800s.

This issue has caught the attention of the country, with militias marching in, armed, to protect the Bundy’s and their neighbors, with federal agents throwing a pregnant woman and cancer patients on the ground, tasing members of the family, and stealing Mr. Bundy’s cattle after a 20 year legal battle.

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In the video below, Meghan insists she loves her country, but not a lover of the US government and the actions of the BLM and federal agencies she is watching play out in Nevada and how it is not about some desert tortoise, but about Agenda 21 and a massive land grab and resource grab.

Meghan wants to know why the military is willing to go to foreign lands but not fulfilling their oath to protect America from domestic terrorists such as the BLM and what they are doing in Nevada.

While I may not agree with her classification of our military as terrorists, because it is the government and Washington leaders that make the decisions to send our military out, I do agree that men and women took an oath to protect America from enemies, foreign and domestic, yet our active military is allowing domestic terrorists such s the BLM and other federal agencies to violate our constitutional rights, here on American soil.

In the second video below, Ammon Bundy describes what the BLM is really doing on Bundy land as vehicles protected by armed guards are destroying 100 year old water tanks because the water rights, purchased or inherited, are tied together with land rights and foraging rights, which preempts any BS law the BLM claims.

This is a state rights vs federal rights issue folks, make no mistake, it is a test! A test to see if Americans will stand up and fight back. If Americans will show up in force and say enough.


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  • Dale Ramsey

    they are in the same place they were with Benghazi, the fraud that sits in the WH giving them orders. The IRS, the Military is going to do nothing but follow orders given to them by the Gov’t.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      I don’t agree…I’ve heard too much from active personnel (from all branches) that contradicts the belief that they will just follow orders when it comes to firing on civilians that are defending their Constitutional rights. The foreigners that have been allowed to serve in our military, the one’s that are not U.S. citizens, and don’t have any true allegiance to the U.S. citizenry, would likely be the only one’s that won’t hesitate to shoot and kill civilians on command. That’s just my opinion, but I’d bet good money I’m right.

      • Dale Ramsey

        Well I hope you are right. Kent State happened and i wonder if it were only the foreigners that shot and killed those protesting students? I support our Military 100% But we have a usurper in the Wh that is constantly running roughshod over the Constitution,and no longer listen to we the people. We are not in charge anymore and petitions,demonstrations,and voting is not changing anything because Dem/Rep are just different sides to the same coin. all 3 branches of Government have become corrupt. Only We the People can change that and i fear the only way to reset things and get back to our Constitution will through armed revolt. I pray i am Wrong. Thanks Asphalt Ranger. We need leaders to help go against Oblamos’ private army in the DHS

  • http://sstorm0730.me Katrina Velsor

    This is Waco and Ruby Ridge all over again. It must tear these poor soldiers up to be sent to possibly shoot those who they are sworn to protect – all for the Ego in Chief and HIS government’s greed.

    • GaylePutt

      They can refuse to enforce this order. I bet they’d get a lot of help from people, lawyers, etc. all over if they do. They depend on their jobs as much as the next guy and it’s easy to tell someone to behave in such a way that they lose their job….but look what the founding fathers risked…are we less than they?

    • goldenrog

      Again, these are NOT soldiers!

    • PaulBrosamJr

      You cannot feel bad for taking the lives of LE officer’s who take the wrong side of the law to serve. They know the difference between right and wrong and take the side of the Ego in chief. They deserve, whatever the outcome. They are there to support and serve. They take an oath to uphold the constitution. When they fail to do so and go against the people, they have disregarded that oath.

  • T- Man Fish Whacker

    T-Man Fish Whacker. She DIDN’T Call the Military “terrorists”, she called the Federal Government Agents Terrorists, and they ARE.!! Domestic Terrorists, and the Military has EVERY right to roust them but their CIC is a POS.

    • Kristen Meghan

      I never called troops or the military terrorists, I said the U.S. military (DOD) is the largest terrorist organization in the world, by definition

      • Adam L. Adair

        Ms. Meghan, I applaud (and join in) your support for Mr Bundy and I appreciate and thanks you for your service. HOWEVER, as a 24 year career Air Force man myself, I am shocked, disturbed, angry and absolutely disgusted you call and compare the DOD with ANY terrorist organization in the world!!! YES our DOD has many problems with huge inefficiencies, fraud, waste and corruption…BUT AMERICA’s department managing our ARMED FORCES is NOT a terrorist organization. You have a LOT of maturing, growing and wisdom to gain before you make such egregious statements young lady.


        Adam L. Adair MSgt, USAF, (RET)

        • richard

          MSGT ADAIR ,first let me thank you for your service, now I think that Obama has purged the DOD of most of the GOOD AMERICANS and put his cronies in place .. now the dod is doing his bidding weather right or wrong . the trained soldier has no say in what they have to do and they are getting out by the thousands and im glad except Obama is weakening our military to the point that we cant win a war !!even the small ones , what can we the people do about it ???

          • worldwide policeman

            The DOD/military have nothing to do the the administration’s henchmen, HHS, EPA, BLM, etc. America shall never be defeated by invasion. The rest is up to you.

          • Dallas Townsend

            The trained soldiers have a choice to obey the unlawful order or not, but you are correct in that they have no say in the direction the military is taking. There are more and more people that do not care as long as they get paid! The point that you say they are getting out by the thousands is going to be very bad as they are goin to be replaced with the merc. type people that will follow orders blindly.

        • jack Vance

          So Adam, are you saying this act of the Federal agency of the BLM is not terroristic, but legal? The BLM are protecting the turtle, but will not protect the turtle if the rancher pays money to lease the land? Please Sir; Tell me more of your wisdom. You sir have known many countries and know America was once looked up to as THE land of the free. as are you among the many who served this country and did so with honor, and I respect you and your acts in defense of this once great nation; yes we are no longer respected among the citizens of the world.we are deemed as corrupt or more so that many other countries.

          • Asphalt_Ranger

            No, he’s saying that our military are not terrorists. The Federal agency of the BLM are clearly acting like terrorists.

          • Byron DelSignore

            “The BLM are protecting the turtle, but will not protect the turtle if the rancher pays money to lease the land?” – the best point made yet…

        • Herb Smith

          You don’t know what you’re talking about Adam. The US Government creates and supports terrorist organizations and terrorism used to be defined as what governments do to its citizens. And if you understood physics you’d realize that the official theory of 9/11 is impossible.

          • Dean Updegraff

            Please explain your statement. Physics proves 9/11 happened just as we saw on TV that day. You conspiracy fools never cease to amaze me.

          • Herb Smith

            The official theory IS a conspiracy theory you idiot, a scientific argument against it is NOT a conspiracy theory. How are you going to understand physics when you don’t even understand English?

          • Dean Updegraff

            What kind of science are you talking about? Do you have any idea how hot JP4 burns. It has been proven that the beams were hot enough to give way. Yes I have seen both sides of the theory’s. Common sense tells me that the buildings came down because the support beams weakened from the intense heat.

          • David Kelly

            Whose “physics”? You don’t take a building down from the top. You start at the basement. Clinton’s little failed terrorists attempted to take the building down by blowing out the supports (correct way). There are so many bullshit stories about how they fell it’s unreal. There was one viable thought that the cooling tower on top could have had enough weight that it helped the cascading effect but, to bring a building straight down is not done without planned implosion. Look at ANY photo of bombed out buildings during any war. So, since you seem to be so educated in physics, tell us where you went to school so WE don’t go there.

          • citizen

            yeah building 7 that wasn’t hit by a plane decided to just fall down…straight down. things that make you go Hmmm?

        • David Kelly

          Well sir, I thank you for your service and I think my age and maturity level is one that I can see what Ms. Meghan is saying and can concur. I was in during the end of the Cold War and many, probably you included, have no idea how close we came to total annihilation. Everyday we hoped our birds did NOT leave the Alert Pad because that was the beginning of the end. This corrupt and illegal administration is doing exactly want Stalin and Hitler did to his Generals. He is purging any who will NOT fire upon the citizens.Having any he feels is a threat to his agenda killed. Installing followers of Islam into high positions within OUR government. I think this young lady has her feet firmly on the ground and it may be you, sir, that does not want to jeopardize his pension. Enjoy those cuts your Congress has voted to give you.


          David Kelly, Sgt. USAF 1980-86, Medically boarded Honorable Discharge

          • Robert Wilson

            Now that is something i can agree with!


          Bravo sir.

        • Ron B

          I spent 10 years in the Army infantry. Kristen is correct. The DOD has committed numerous acts of terrorism. Ever heard of the School of the Americas at Ft. Benning? We have had a long running terrorist training program there. Be indignant all you like, sir, but recognize facts, history and current events.

      • Bryan Hardee

        The Military member’s are terrorist, let’s not hide behind the suits. They carry out the orders.

  • T- Man Fish Whacker

    T-Man Fish Whacker. OK she DiD. But the Feds are the terrorists. They and the Military are controlled by OUR Government.

    • Kristen Meghan

      No, I didn’t call the military terrorists, I said the U.S. military (DOD) is the largest terrorist organization in the world.

      • Asphalt_Ranger

        I guess I don’t understand my own language…but what I’m reading sounds
        like this…”No, I didn’t, but yes I did”…sorry, it makes no sense to me. That’s like saying “I never said the sky is blue, what I said was, the sky is blue”. How can you say you didn’t call the military terrorists, and in the very same sentence say the U.S. military is the largest terrorist organization in the world…? What, because you threw “(DOD)” in the mix, it somehow changes what you’re saying…? Sorry, it doesn’t wash.

        SSgt. Ralph Becker, USAF Veteran

        • some guy in the military

          Yeah she literally said the military is the largest terrorist organization. Which implies that people in the military are terrorist… yeah even if a cared about this guys farm people like you make the people of military have no interst in helping you.

        • Herb Smith

          Invading countries under false pretenses is not terrorism?

        • PaulBrosamJr

          She’s saying those at the top levels of the DOD are terrorists, not the individual soldiers serving.

  • GaylePutt

    It was about water in California too….

  • http://freerollinsider.com/ Ronald Johnson

    my heart is so breaking for these poorly treated Americans.

  • https://www.facebook.com/usnavyseals Patrick Davis

    Fire the feds, they are our adversaries! vote them out, boycott them, stop supporting them, arm yourselves, stand together, we out number them, they are getting desperate.

  • Barry Reinhard

    The military needs to “stand down”, turn around and say FU to Obama and walk away. Does anyone have a conscience anymore? Screw Obama and his posse, expoiting a better than average citizen. Go after the lazy black welfare fraud bothers and sisters of yours Mr. Obama. If I was there, I would shed my patriotic blood against this Obama Mafia!

    • x

      Wow……that must be some DAMN good tasting Kool Aid you’re drinking……

  • Gus Anderson

    There IS a revolution coming. Could this be the start?

  • jbizzle

    she lost me when she called us terrorist!

    • Bear1909

      Pay attention, dumb ass.

      • jbizzle

        you are more than welcome to come say it to my face!

    • TexasTemplar

      reading comprehension not that good, huh? Shoulda stayed in school and paid attention.

  • mike

    what a shame what our government is doing to the American people Nevada should arm themselves and come to the aid of these people stand up to the federal agents it’s time to stand up America enough is enough, I see it coming a revolution is coming and it’s going to be bad and bloody,

    • Dallas Townsend

      where was the Nevada state gov’t? why didn’t they come out and support the rancher? It is in their state! and this act was against it’s citizens

  • Kristen Meghan

  • Benjadem Al-Florentin

    That’s Capitalism!!. so ever did (with aboriginals, black people, foreigners), and so it will ever do. Domestic Terrorism is the only way that capitalism had to govern the societies…and when “classics” enemies are all beaten,..then it´s time to find “new” enemies…then, ancient allies becomes new targets. Capitalism is social cannibalism

    • Dale Nye

      BS! We have had Capitalism since before the country was a nation. The capitalism you see today has been bastardized by the government. That is the problem, the government, not capitalism.

    • butterflyinoh

      That’s one of the most idiotic comments I’ve ever seen. It’s the CORRUPT GOVERNMENT that’s the problem.

  • Concened

    There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare –Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt –Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the
    wealthy with the support of the poor.

    • PaulBrosamJr

      We are seeing or have seen all of these taking place.

  • Sammi De La Cruz

    If you are against what is going on write to you people in Congress and the President and tell them to put a stop to it. Don’t just talk on here write to someone who can do something about. Yes I have all ready done so.

  • underdog

    I feel that if his family has used this land for grazing of it’s stock since the 1800’s the family has swatter’s rights. Is this area considered “Open Range”? If yes the government shouldn’t be doing this.

    • PaulBrosamJr

      That’s “squatters” rights.

  • ace

    i don’t think this is about the cattle or the tortoise either. This is about control and even more evident it is the fraudulent use of executive power by using federal agencies to create a systematic scenario of unrest that will lead to Martial Law by using counterinsurgency by the left, quite frankly it is not much different than what Putin is doing in the Ukraine.

    • dhodge

      This behavior has been also going on through the police forces. They’re using every bit of force they can to let us know they will kill us if we don’t do what they say.

      • PaulBrosamJr

        Then let them come for us. We will meet them head on. We outnumber those in law enforcement and will not hesitate to return fire.

  • gksnana

    If what I read in several places is true, the property is state land, not federal. The thing that can stop it, is if the sheriff would step in and tell the feds to leave. Sheriff has power in a republic that feds don’t. It is all occurring because of Nevada’s favorite Harry Reid and son. They want the property for a Chinese company for solar panels. We all know Reid has more of a love of power and money, than he does for America and it’s people. Step one…get the sheriff involved. Step two….Get rid of Reid. I believe got got all the information correct. If I did not…..I apologize.

    • dhodge

      The Sherriff works for the Government, so that scenario will not fly.

      • Dallas Townsend

        the sheriff is an elected official and can act on his own to a large degree.

      • dan3333333333

        Obviously you have not done your homework/paid attention over recent years.

        Let me introduce you to a man who clearly does not work for the government and there are more who as gksnana above concluded would be happy to tell the feds to leave; Joe Arpaio
        Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

  • David Hereaux

    Why isn’t every cop in the nation down on Wall Street and in Washington, arresting everyone? There is more than enough evidence that proves 9/11 was in inside job. It wouldn’t take much for a real investigation to pin most actions to common criminals.

  • David Hereaux

    We don’t even know if this is true, or something the POS’ that did 9/11 cooked up. We can’t trust anything anymore. They are so dirty, they would not hesitate to kill the info wars guy and make it look like an accident. It truly is a test.

  • jewell

    Not in the discussion just saying to everyone this is nothing new the Government has done this before, all you need to do is open a history book and see what the did to the Indian tribes all over the United States..Killing countless people for property and water and minerals to line their pockets…….Blame only those who sit in those elected offices, who want total control………….

  • Gail Lowery Briggs

    Please explain to your readers what BLM stands for and who they are .I see so many articles written about this but they all assume that EVERYONE knows what it is. Respectfully yours.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      It’s the Bureau of Land Management…another thug government agency.

      • Gail Lowery Briggs


  • bob deschenes

    This is a step by Obama to impose martial law and reduce the population of the US.They will all end out either dead or at internment camps to be reprogrammed (brain washed) This is the start of the government flexing it’s obamaworld policies.

  • http://www.eatmyfartsIslam.com billwhit1357

    The majority of our Troops are Patriotic Americans who have volunteered to Die, if necessary, to defend our Nation. I was one from Johnson thru Reagan, when we had more Honorable CIC’s. Obama has replaced all top ranking Generals and others, the Patriotic ones, with his own Lapdogs. He has removed over 100 of them, replacing them with Fools who have sold their soul to the Homosexual and who will fire upon the American People if ordered. But, I still do not believe the majority of our troops will join in, but will stay true to their oath and turn on the Traitors. Our Main Enemy are the DemonRats in Congress and the White House. Every State and Federal Employee need to ask themselves – Are they as willing to Die for Obama’s Insanity as much as Patriots are willing to Die for our Rights and Freedom? If not, they had better back off or pay the price.

  • Dwayne

    Why are state troopers doing the federal governments job? Isn’t that a violation of the federal government’s authority.

    • dhodge

      They work and are paid for by the people, but work for the government as far as I know. I could be wrong.

  • Mark

    Kristen, I’m active duty military. What exactly am I supposed to do? Honestly? Just go get my weapon out if the armory, drive to Nevada, and protect the ranch??? How freaking quick do you think my ass would be hauled away and how quick would my ass get punished by the full weight of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice? Our military ……..you MUST KNOW……follows the orders of those appointed over us. We do not unilaterally act and intervene in matters based on partisan politics.
    You are really naive to think that active duty military members should (are legally allowed) to act unilaterally. Go read the UCMJ and MCM if you thinkthat what you are proposing is legal. You are sadly mistaken.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      Mark, the way things are going in this country there may come a time when you, and your fellow active duty servicemen and women will have to decide if you’re going to do what’s legal, or what your heart and soul tells you is right…many of those you would be firing on are not only citizens, but they’re your brothers and sisters in arms…and you must never forget, your first duty as a military member is to protect and defend the Constitution, and you are required by law to disobey unlawful orders. It’s not an easy choice, but you took an oath.

  • Spiritvs Sukkot


  • wendy bubna

    I have watched a few of your videos Meghan and I thank you for what you are trying to do. I wish more people were like you.

  • orbicularisoculi

    Native Americans have been fighting this sort of terrorism since 1492…

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      Seriously, let it go.

  • eL

    I’m a 29 yr military member and I WOULD NEVER come to defend this …. typical bs rhetoric. I did the deep down research – OBEY THE LAW!

  • PapaBear1130

    The mercenaries BLM hired to attack civilians in this case used excessive force and acted in a manner that portrayed them to the world as the aggressor. This is not the imagine that America wants flashed throughout the world wide web via this social media. The truth hurts and sometimes older military veterans are living in the dream state that LBJ had your back in Viet Nam during the Tet Offensive in 1968 just like some people were told that Obama had our back in Afghanistan. The truth is that the policies of “winning the hearts and minds of the enemy” and the “rules of engagement” that bogged us down since the Korean War result in unnecessary casualties and the neverending expense of caring for wounded that may not ever had been wounded in the first place if our hands weren’t tied. That said, I guarantee that most of the men I know are still furious about Extortion 17 from Class 239 on and will use it as motivation in any future action against anyone who violates our Constitutional rights both foreign or domestic. We never broke our oath and will defend it to the last breath, to the last drop of blood, and to the last bullet. “Never quit, never surrender.” The tactics and knowledge of operations that experienced combat veterans bring to any conflict cannot be replaced by any civilian law enforcement agency. Hooyah to the brotherhood. See you on May 16, 2014.

  • Mamas Angels

    I’ve literally been up for about 5 hrs now researching everything I can about this story. I’m telling you people, the BLM hasn’t backed down.They are just regrouping! The Feds have never just walked away and called it quits! Why do I care so much? Because this could be you or I or our neighbors. Our Federal Government is Domestic Terrorists and need to be stopped NOW! I pray I’m wrong but I have an uneasy gut feeling that we’re about to witness another Ruby Ridge and that my friends scares the Hell out of me and it should do the same to you! I for one won’t idly stand by…Would love to plan a trip to NV to help join the fight! We can’t stand by and watch this terrorist attack happen on American Soil before our eyes. Please share this story with your family and friends. Education is key!

  • Sarch7

    Maybe because Bundy says he doesn’t recognize the United States government???

  • Pat Riot

    What a bunch of douchebags, the thieving bundy and the terrorists with him WILL be taken down and out…

  • LarryEWells

    Since every thing Bundy has said has turned out to be lies why would any one defend this liar? his family has only owned this land since 1948. His claims of inherited rights is all lies! He violated the law, refused to pay his debts, and claims to not recognize the Federal Government. He is a total thief and liar!!

  • Robert Hartnett

    Just a few things here:

    1: “I never called troops or the military terrorists, I said the U.S. military (DOD) is the largest terrorist organization in the world, by definition”

    If you want to talk about definitions, then by definition any member of a terrorist organization is a terrorist. Therefore you called all employees of the DoD terrorists.

    2. “This is a states rights vs federal rights issue” Well the state does not have jurisdiction on FEDERAL LAND, where Bundy’s cattle were illegally grazing. So that point makes no sense. But more to the point you ask why the military is not taking any action. Well a simple answer is that they are not allowed to. (18 U.S.C. § 1385)

    3: On the whole Bundy issue, all proof that has surfaced points to the fact that the land in question has NOT been in the Bundy family since the 1800s. The land on which his cattle was grazing was owned by the federal government, a fee is required to use said land to graze your cattle on. After 20 years of non payment, it is the federal government’s duty to the taxpayers to collect, weather in cash form or assets. This is how all debts are settled, between all parties.

    I would like to know why people are accepting the word of one man, as proof. Where are the papers that show that this land is his? No court on earth would rule in his favor, because he has not produced a shred of proof. And lets remember, he is the one with that burden, he is the one claiming that the federal government is in the wrong. I am a firm believer in the concept of “Innocent until proven guilty”, and if guilt cant be proven, then it is not present.

    Ms. Meghan, I thank you for your service to this country, however I respectfully disagree with your position, and your support of a man that has provided no proof to back up his story.

    • Asphalt_Ranger

      The fact of the matter is that the ONLY federally owned land, by law, is Washington D.C., and all land within the boundaries of a states borders are in fact the property of the state, as all states are legally sovereign. I recently read an article, I think it was Utah, is taking back something like 30,000 acres of land previously designated as ‘federal’ land, and I say good for them. There was something mentioned about national parks as well, but I don’t remember the reference.

      • Robert Hartnett

        No, Washington D.C is not the only federal land, D.C is the only land however that is not in any state, and that in no circumstance can be in any way administered by a state. Also, the idea that all states are legally sovereign is false. Why is it false you ask? Well while most people see the constitution as a document that limits federal government rights, and protects states’ rights, it also serves to limit states’ rights and set out federal rights.

        What laws provide provisions for the acquisition of lands by the United States Federal Government?
        Section 5 of the Endangered Species Act of 1973
        Fish and Wildlife Act of 1956 (16 U.S.C. §742f(a)(4))
        Wilderness Act of 1964 (This act is all about creating federal land)
        43 U.S.C. 315l (Part of the Taylor Grazing Act)

        Those four laws are just found from a little research. And after further research, the situation to which you are referring to is not a case of Utah (you were correct on the state btw) taking back the land, but signing i a law that ASKS the federal government to return 20m acres of land, 30,000 of which is in the national park system. However by law, the Department of the Interior, nor the Department of Agriculture can retain the land if they feel the need to. Such decisions can be made by 3 entities; The Secretaries of the relevant departments, Congress, and The President.